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Tasmanian Devils
In another example of devolution, Tasmanian devils are losing the ability to be killed by cancer:

(They're also still Tasmanian Devils)

yet more evidence against evolution.

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Re: Tasmanian Devils
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Good news and more good news. :yes:

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Re: Tasmanian Devils
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braying among the ruins

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Re: Tasmanian Devils
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Scientists reveal they have for the first time successfully treated Tasmanian devils suffering from the deadly devil facial tumour disease.

The breakthrough is hoped to speed-up development of an effective vaccine, which can be administered to devils in the wild.

The successful treatments have been made on captive animals, with scientists injecting live cancer cells into the infected devils to make their immune system recognise the disease and fight it off.
braying among the ruins

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Re: Tasmanian Devils
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Nice work. They're ugly little fuckers but it'd be a pity to lose them.
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