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  • i prefer to make fun of idiots online because its the most effective way to convince the lurkers who are on the fence and its really such a shame that the only options are making fun of idiots or engaging in pointless intellectual discussions with people who will never be convinced man i really wish there were a third way thatd be pretty cool dont you think so bart but really its all for the lurkers and calling people dummies on the internet makes a real difference and saves lives we are super important dont forget it buddy.

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  • uncool
must be added.

That is all.

  • Pingu
Re: latex
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Even I agree.
I have a Darwin-debased mind.

  • osmanthus
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Re: latex
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Get a room.
Truth is out of style

  • Monad
Re: latex
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Is this some fetish thing?

  • ravenscape
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  • Triggered
Re: latex
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I'm willing to bet cash money this hasn't been implemented on an Elkarte forum before.  I'll see what the developers think will be involved.

Have you thought about generating the latex code offsite and posting a generated gif here?

Not sure if something like this would meet our needs.