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  • ksen
Save Pepe!
How Pepe the frog and Dilbert explain the culture wars of the 2016 election, in one comic

"If you look at the mythology that's grown up around Pepe, and the belief that memes ... are actually changing the world," Adams said in his discussion of the frog, "the fascinating thing is that, as crazy as that sounds, it may fit the data, at least with the Trump stuff." Adams was referring to an (again, complicated) idea that many of Pepe's supporters claim to espouse: that Pepe is the key to a mystical new world order of Trump-ish ideology, and possibly even a new religion.

Free Pepe!

  • nesb
Re: Save Pepe!
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"Mat Furie (creator of Pepe) reported that he was devastated that Dat boi was overshadowing pepe. Did pepe push dat boi away to make sure that he'd be #1 frog? Probably not, but it's still strange how a little over 2 months after dat boi faded into obscurity, Pepe was branded a symbol of white supremacists." -