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the OA
the problem with this show is that the most gripping conflict is whether events in the boring half of the story will prevent us from finding out what happens in the interesting part of the story

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Let me know when you have a final verdict.

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i already think it's worth watching. it's just there's a part of the story in the present and a part that's flashbacks being told to other characters in the present as a story. the flashbacks are way more interesting than anything happening in the present where the major tension is storytime getting discovered and shut down, which is not something i actually give a shit about except in as much as that's how we hear about the more interesting part. i can already feel the boring conflicts in the present closing in and at that point i just don't know how i'm going to hear about the good stuff.

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Sounds like The Princess Bride.

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final verdict: kinda dumb ending, more or less good show overall.