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Sad Puppies Don't Care About Writing Well

Hugo awards: reading the Sad Puppies' pets
The rightwing lobby are gunning for books to win the sci-fi awards that match their ideological project. They really don't care about writing well.

For the last few years, the Hugo awards for science fiction have been campaigned against by a group of writers and fans calling themselves the Sad Puppies - mostly male, very white, and overwhelmingly conservative. Unhappy with sci-fi's growing diversity, the Puppies have deliberately block-voted for certain titles to get them nominated for Hugos at the expense of a wider field. They say it is their goal to "poke the establishment in the eye" by nominating "unabashed pulp action that isn't heavy-handed message fic". I say it is to sponsor awful writers.

The Puppies have two criteria for what they deem excellence: does it turn a buck? And has the author dared to say anything, ever, that they disagree with? This, paired with their conspiracy theories about some big sci-fi publishers, means that they tend to champion mostly self-published authors. Nothing about quality - though you don't need an in-depth knowledge of sci-fi to understand that a short story called Space Raptor Butt Invasion (yes, really) has not arrived on the Hugo lists because of its calibre.

I like reading unabashed message fic that isn't heavy-handed pulp action. What should I call my lobby group?  I'm kind of warming up to Hep Cats.

Re: Sad Puppies Don't Care About Writing Well
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They've also shot themselves in the foot a couple of times. IIRC their block-voting prevented what was apparently a very good biography of Heinlein from getting on the shortlist. Which, given that they have a massive hard-on for exactly that sort of Right-Leaning MilSF you'd think they'd be all over.
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