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My god. Dave.

Dave, please.

Please. Actually wrestle with the fact that you used the word "parasite" in a way that matches the way Nazis described Jews.

Don't go off into a thought experiment. Don't brush this off. Think about it. Consider it.

Don't brush me off as "overthinking" this. The term is a cornerstone of how the Nazis dehumanized the Jews, and how they convinced Germans not to care about Jews. This warrants deep thought, and careful consideration.

Please, Dave. I'm begging you.

Read this

And then give some deep thought to Dave's capacity for deep thought.
The reason I brought up the issue of parasites in society is because it seems that this has been a problem all down through history. The privileged aristocracy lives a life of luxury while the lower classes and slaves do all the work.

That's not right and it's not fair. Everyone should have to provide for themselves.
So that's a yes to my first question - that parasites leave work to others. Right?
This rabbit hole is invisible to Dave
Trade is fine as long as it's fair but it's not fair trade for a government bureaucrat to take half of my produce for supposedly protecting me. 
Even if that protection is in the form of police protecting you from bart?
If Borealis is saying what I think she's saying, then I think she is wrong.
that is beautiful. explains so much.
If you think this is a crazy idea, remember that two very prominent world leaders - Jesus and Gandhi - were both men who are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

Both also got murdered.
And neither of them grew their own food.
but they did equally astonishing things like spin their own cotton for clothing and not have a home.

Jesus neither made clothing nor herded animals. He worked for his dad as a carpenter until his preaching days. He and his disciples routinely stayed in other people's homes as they travelled.

Gandhi came from a not wealthy but influential family and was a lawyer. He always had a home, usually quite a large one. He was a vegetarian and in later years refused to drink milk.

Spinning cotton by hand is not some great accomplishment. Spinning thread is something women have routinely done, often while engaged in other tasks, often every day, since the beginning of agriculture, and making fabric predates agriculture.

You'd be more virtuous by imitating some nameless mid-eastern herding woman with her spindle always at her side than these ostentatiously 'holy' men.

yeah and clearly women are more holey than men. no?
I don't even know care who she is.
Kind of unsurprising but also kind of surprising
She's a domestic terrorist doncha know. I  bet she supports black lives matter.
Guys, I'm gonna shit on your parade here. None of us are attractive, but that doesn't really matter because most people care about personality, not looks.
Speak for yourself buddy.
Republicans are a strange bunch of guys.
I forgot about pretty much everything Hillary said except "bait him with a tweet."
Incels hate Chads too?
Eta: damn. Forgot the punchline.  I told her I was mapping mansplaining events
Or we could have just raised some money to get him laid.

outsource the problem and make women responsible for fixing it with their labor, good plan mr. feminist
The oldest profession ...

only because most men don't get directly paid to "well, actually"
Ok just fyi, this made me laugh loud enough that someone heard me and when she asked what was funny I said "well actually" which made me laugh again and when she looked at my computer screen and saw a map and a bunch of code, she asked what I was mapping that was so funny. My phone was face down on my desk.
So, are incels mad at stacy for only dating chad?
Or we could have just raised some money to get him laid.

outsource the problem and make women responsible for fixing it with their labor, good plan mr. feminist
The oldest profession ...
anyone intentionally calling themselves "involuntarily celebate" is basically saying "please point and laugh at me"
...have you ever been on 4chan?
I never have.
This is why I like tr. Now I know who Chad Thundercock is and that his girlfriend doesn't need a last name because she's just a girl.
8=D- - - *chess
Toxic masculinity is one of the biggest threats to public safety.
Goes back a long way.
I'm guessing after trump is out of office
Also looking forward to people arguing over whether Caucasians from the literal Caucasus are white and by "looking forward to" I mean brb drinking bleach

I've already seen enough of those 'discussions' - is everyone on major social media platforms fucking 12 to 16 year old boys with no lives?
25 is the new 12