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Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
*adds heaven, hell and purgatory
Because it has substance.
Such as?
data and data analysis
I would really like to see what your idea of "data" is ... and also an example of the analysis of that "data" ... from the linked article.
are you unable to read the article yourself and determine if it has substance and data to support it?

The left-wing conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign "colluded" with Russian officials ahead of the 2016 presidential campaign continued to crash and burn Friday, with Robert Mueller's indictment showing the foreign nationals began meddling in US politics one year before Donald Trump announced his run for office.
Of course. To get America to the place where someone like Trump can run for president takes some preparation. Years of preparation. The Soviet Union was famous for it's propaganda, Russia never stopped doing it.
From a (1970) KGB defector :
Quote from: Yuri Bezmenov
The main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of intelligence at all. Only about 15% of time, money and manpower is spent on espionage and such. The other 85% is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion or active measures,...or psychological warfare.[8][9]
Putin had him killed of course.

Putin did modernize propaganda methods for the modern media landscape.
For example Troll factories.
i wonder if putin will kill the ones mueller has indicted, so if they do travel to a country that is willing to help the us they cannot assist the fbi
so about 2% get cancer and <1% ate healthy and got cancer?
ill continue to take my chances thank you
I heard another story about an ex-military cop deciding not to shoot an armed dude who was clearly just trying to get shot. In that case, though, the guy ended up actually surviving, and the cop wasn't fired. Although, some other cops did grumble about it all. It sounds super weird to say, but I think cops might need some military training. They get to use military equipment, after all.
if not military training, atleast psych training on how to deal with unstable people
Both games sound fairly depressing.

I keep waiting for games that aren't about shooting, killing, catching. Maybe games that are about exploring and finding things. I've not seen any that look very good.


The Samarost Series is fun. Machinarium is as well. The others are all interesting. Lot of humor. Fantastic sets. Nothing really challenging, though one does have to think a bit. No real violence. At least not the gory type and those that get it deserve it.

Machinarium was alot of fun and challenging for a flash game
now its no longer flash but its own engine, much improved imho
Pingu has predicted that Donald Trump will not be in office by January of 2019. I believe that she believes this primarily because she reads fake news. ( understandable because she is a fake scientist )

Dave, I am up to here with your aspersions on my professional competence as a scientist.

Please support this claim or retract it.
I've supported it many times.  You yourself prove it to be true every day at this forum.  You suck at science, logic and honesty and you should resign your teaching post.  I'll keep saying it as long as I observe it here.  If you don't like it, go away.  Or quit throwing mud at me and maybe I'll stop throwing mud at you.

Lovely tantrum there. "Stop pointing out my dishonesty and I'll stop saying you're dishonest!"
it works much better the other way around, stop lying and we will quit calling you a liar
Science / Re: Asteroid making close pass at 39,000 miles
Is there any more info about this close one?  Asteroid - meaning it is in solar orbit?  If so, that close pass is sure to cause some deflection of the prior orbit.
i would also be interested to know this

if it passes between the earth and moon its orbit will not be changed as much as if it were on the same side of the earth and moon
or on a passing on plane above/below the earth/moon/sun will alter its path to be less likely to hit the earth in future passes

but then its only one of millions of astroids orbiting the sun
most of the astroid belt is between earth and jupiter orbits
the astroid belt is not a defined orbit more like a region of space

imho leaving earths orbit and orbiting the sun in that zone qualifies it as in the astroid belt
but on a plus note, dave might finally change his mind about them
worst case scenario
rocket misses the sun, aliens find the heads and bodies, then re-assemble and revive them
alien govt run by republican zombies and we all lose

The payload is something like 140,000#, I think that might accommodate at least 700 people. I nominate instead the top leadership(?) of the Republican Party.
even if they all lied about their mass as much as trumps doc did, the falcon heavy would still have more than enough payload for all of them
Well, maybe not all. But as I suggested, at least the top 600 or so. A lot of those buggers are pretty hefty. But there's a whole lot of them, way more than that. However, we could use more then one Falcon.

Of course, this would be for purely scientific purposes.
crap, if there are more than 600 we may need to use just their heads as the payload
then use the mega super heavy to return their bodies

The payload is something like 140,000#, I think that might accommodate at least 700 people. I nominate instead the top leadership(?) of the Republican Party.
even if they all lied about their mass as much as trumps doc did, the falcon heavy would still have more than enough payload for all of them
lol, ask dave a yes/no queston = non answer statement

what do i think?
no to a pure military parade
but if a local military base/camp wants to add a military float or band ect.. or to an existing city/county parade yes let them
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread

how bad was it if it didnt meet breitbarts standards?
did they post the truth?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
ETA: Poe'd!
where is elon musk when we need him
We all realize the original tweet was fake, right?

Dow Joans? Hilarious.
Pingu raised my hoped, and you dashed them quite expertly, sir
when did clinton say she rigged them?
agreeing they were rigged is not admitting she did
i bet hes stiffing the russians, how else would the news catch wind of the sanctioned russians meeting in the us again
or beating fish with ice