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Oh look, more toxic masculinity:


One of Pagourtzis' classmates who died in the attack, Shana Fisher, "had 4 months of problems from this boy," her mother, Sadie Rodriguez, wrote in a private message to the Los Angeles Times on Facebook. "He kept making advances on her and she repeatedly told him no."

Pagourtzis continued to get more aggressive and she finally stood up to him and embarrassed him in class, Rodriguez said. "A week later he opens fire on everyone he didn't like," she wrote. "Shana being the first one." Rodriguez didn't say how she knew her daughter was the first victim.

The gunman repeatedly taunted students during the attack, according to another harrowing account posted to Facebook by one survivor's mother.

After scrambling to escape the shooter's blasts in the art room, Isabella Van Ness, covered in dust from rounds hitting her classroom walls, could hear the shooter in a next-door classroom yelling "Woo hoo!" while shooting, according to her mother, Deedra Van Ness.

"The gunman then comes back into their room and they hear him saying....are you dead? Then more shots are fired," Deedra Van Ness wrote. "By this time, cell phones all over the classroom are ringing and he's taunting the kids in the closet asking you think it's for you? do you want to come answer it? Then he proceeds to fire more bullets into the closet and tries to get in."

Can someone please explain to me how men who have problems getting laid would suddenly do much better if society "promoted" monogamy (because it apparently doesn't right now even though millions of people literally just watched a fucking wedding on TV)?

eta no seriously, where do these people get the fucking idea that society doesn't promote marriage? Tax breaks, legal benefits, social status, endless shitty remarks about single moms and fatherless children, ...

The real problem is that we now have fewer pressures to accept and stay with shitty men. Just because we don't want shitty men doesn't mean we don't want monogamy, and promoting marriage isn't going to make shitty men seem more appealing. Like, "Hmm, I know you don't want to sleep with this dumbass, but what if I told you that you had the chance of being legally bound to him for life? Doesn't that sound better?". Jesus fucking christ, what is it with the brain worms lately?
He's just telling a lot of young white males what they already believe but with an air of authority.

"Hierarchies are good and ancient and mystical, and the natural order places you at the top. People who disagree are trying to destroy everything, and all of the bad things that happen are because of those people."

Anyway, my favorite bit is how he's all about traditional Christian families and this and that and the other thing and women staying at home and having babies while also being literally obsessed with Marxism and Soviet shit... even though it's our crappy late capitalist economy that's directly undermining the ability of people to stick to that traditional family structure. Like every single obstacle standing between me and having a family and being near the rest of my relatives has been put into place by our furthest-from-fucking-Marxist economic system. Any effects of culture and cultural expectations pale in comparison to the fact that I cannot fucking afford to live the way someone like Peterson thinks I should be living.
Yes, but did you know he's a clinical psychologist? A clinical psychologist can't be wrong about stuff. Also Ben Shapiro went to Harvard, and Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon.

(protip if you want to trigger me, talk about the lobsters and serotonin)

eta reactionary is just the right word. The things he doesn't like are the fault of modern neo-Marxists and feminists and the sexual revolution, and the things he does like are actually the natural ordained way things are supposed to be because of biology and God.
Peterson is such a jackass.

Most of his shit is just word vomit, which is hilarious to me because ever since I was a teenager, I've been hearing people make fun of postmodernism as being a bunch of word vomit. But here's this jackass decrying insidious ((((cultural Marxism)))) and postmodernism and Derrida and all this shit while also producing massive word salads of questionable interpretations that read like really poorly done Rorschach tests.

But what would I know? I'm a chaos dragon fighting against the natural order of male dominance, and that will lead to the complete destruction of Western Civilization.

also lol:
I saw a car decal yesterday that said "I love guns and coffee" with the Starbucks logo mermaid holding a pistol in each hand

Guns are just tools and they're very useful which is why this is ~*~*extremely normal*~*~ behavior.

Turns out pigs can learn.

Not well enough. I mean, the only thing that crosses their tiny minds is attack/arrest vs ignore. They could've, oh, I don't know, walked up to the guy and said, "Hey, man, can you get off the steps?" like normal fucking humans.
Lol this shit is beyond parody.
a couple of dickectomies might solve a few problems tbh
Anyway, the Las Vegas shooter was a FEMA camp "they're coming to take our guns" nutter, apparently:


My first introduction to Peterson was a video clip where he said that there's something wrong with any woman who's over 30 and not prioritizing family over career, so I am extremely fucking shocked to learn that this virulent anti-Marxist believes in forced redistribution of sex.
guns make my dong feel tingly, and if some kids have to die, oh well, go to iran if you don't like it

the avoidable deaths of children may be tragic, but they are a small price to pay for having lots of awesome guns around

i mean you can literally buy prosthetic nuts to put on your sweet ass super awesome super cool gun, how AWESOME is that? not going to let some annoying dead kids and teens ruin that for me.
Tell me good USAnians: What do you think your orange oaf of a president is going to do about it?

Child soldiers.

No, seriously. Lots of people have already proposed this idea.

Anyway, it's cool that yesterday there was a piece in WSJ or something about declining fertility rates and how people who study it have been trying to figure out why it's happening because this is really a mysterious puzzle and I'm like, lol, maybe we should actually do something about children who are already alive being shot to death at school while we're at it, if we're so fucking worried about a population bust HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A THOUGHT GUYS
That is Damian's sister in law.

We already knew he married up, but it's nice he has cool in-laws, too. Good job, damina, buddy.
Some perfect candidates right here.

NANTUCKET -- Beside the ninth hole of the Miacomet Golf Course, there's a large paved lot with a sprawling mechanic's garage and equipment depot, big tanks of diesel fuel, industrial-sized trash bins, and scores of lawn mowers and other vehicles. There's also a pile of old furniture from last year when the nearby clubhouse burned down.

Few if any of those potential eyesores have provoked complaints from neighbors, whose views of the lot are almost entirely shielded by a row of cedar trees and other evergreens.

Then, about a year ago, the Nantucket Land Bank, a public agency that owns the golf course, proposed building a dormitory on the lot for its seasonal employees who help keep the club running. Land Bank officials said the dorm is needed to address the island's housing crisis, which has made it so hard to find affordable apartments that some workers have been sleeping on basement floors or in old shipping containers.

While the town's Board of Selectmen and many others on Nantucket have supported the project, a few neighbors were aghast. Most vocal in opposition has been David Long, the CEO of Liberty Mutual, who owns a stately, cedar-shingled home across the street, a 5,700-square-foot chateau he calls "Summer Wind."

Long, whose $2.3 million home is secluded behind hedgerows and a gate, hired Bob Popeo, the chairman of Mintz Levin, one of Boston's most prominent law firms, and began lobbying state environmental officials to block the dorm from being built.

The Land Bank was established by the Legislature in 1983 to acquire and preserve the island's valuable undeveloped land. In the past, the state has generally approved the commissioners' projects swiftly, including the expansion of the golf course from nine to 18 holes and the construction of a 16-acre ballfield complex elsewhere on the island, Land Bank officials said.

Indeed, the commissioners were so confident that the dormitory -- a one-story, 3,900-square-foot structure that would house up to 22 people -- would be approved that they had plans drawn up for it. But a year later, after spending $50,000 in legal expenses to respond to Long, the Land Bank's plans to house its summer workers are now in doubt.

At least a lot of the residents aren't fucking assholes like that guy:
Anne Kuszpa, executive director of Housing Nantucket, a local nonprofit, noted that the median price for a home on the island is now about $1.5 million, while two-bedroom apartments typically rent for about $3,000 a month. Development is banned from nearly half the island.

"I was very disappointed to learn about the obstacles faced by the Land Bank in its effort to provide workforce housing," she said.

At a Land Bank meeting this month, local residents were incredulous. No one who attended spoke in favor of Beaton's decision.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I mean, you imply that this shit hasn't been driving people leftwards for years. Did wonders for me.

I'd like to think TR is mostly responsible for your indoctrination. :mason:
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

the left is out of control with the demeaning language and condescension, and it's only going to drive people further right. smh.
Of course in a society where the public worships the warrior class, "I'm a veteran!" is a politically smart play even for a rapist blackmailing lying piece of shit:

At the end of a celebratory speech announcing funding for biodiesel facilities, Greitens shifted topics to the challenges he's facing and recounted how he once felt like quitting during a grueling Navy SEAL training session in which his team of seven men had carry a heavy log over a beach. Greitens said he kept going for the good of the team.

The Republican governor then declared: "No matter what they throw at me, no matter how painful they try to make it, no matter how much suffering they want to put me and my family through and my team through ... we are going to step forward day after day after day, and we are going to continue in our mission to fight for the people of Missouri."

A mother with no criminal record was deported to Albania without being offered the opportunity to say goodbye to her three children or husband: The family was not officially notified of her removal.

Despite claims from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that it would notify the woman's family before removing her from the United States, her husband said that he did not learn that his wife was deported until 4 a.m. Thursday, when she called him from Germany telling him that she was en route to Albania with two ICE agents.

"My kids are devastated. They can't stop crying," Pete Gojcaj told the Free Press Thursday morning. "My children are traumatized ...

Precetaj, 46, has been seeking asylum in the U.S. since 2000 and has no criminal record. She was spared deportation in 2014 by an executive order, but was arrested on April 26 during a routine monthly visit to the ICE office in Detroit.

Her three children, ages 8, 10, and 16, live with their father, Pete, a Yugoslavian immigrant who has lived in the U.S. for 30 years and owns a restaurant.

USA! USA! USA! :cheer:
fair enough.  and yeah, engineers often have a remarkably sharp drop in IQ when you take them outside of their area of expertise.

But what gets me about her is that this would actually be part of her area of expertise. It's like doctors who are anti-vaccine. Just makes you wonder where they got their brain worms.

lol just remembered that she was doing a MA at Penn and she asked my brother to ask me if I knew anyone she could hire to write her Master's thesis for her hahahahahahaha as if I, of all people, would know. Bitch, please, I do all my own work and got a B on my senior thesis all on my own. :stuckup:

the way I usually answer moon landing hoaxers is to explain how faking the moon landings would have been more impressive than just landing on the moon.

It's easy for people to get tricked and pulled into a rabbit hole of dumb.

But understanding that Congress isn't responsible for local crime and that murder is already illegal is pretty fucking basic shit.

This reminds me of my brother's Russian engineer coworker. She is "smart" but literally believes that the moon landing was faked. And she's a fucking engineer. Mechanical/aerospace. You'd think that one kind of engineer would have the training to understand how it was feasible to put people on the moon. You'd think that one kind of engineer would maybe have enough interest to look at the tons of technical information online about the guidance computer and the propulsion systems and all the other shit they used. So, yes, she is also an idiot.
Science / Re: Ebola Outbreak in DRC
Meanwhile, we've cut funding for disease surveillance and response by a hell of a lot:

And the WH Global Health Security head just left the other day and hasn't been replaced:

These dumb fuck motherfuckers think you can ICE and "build a wall" and bluster your way out of a fucking pandemic and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist or affect you in any way even though millions of people and millions of animals and millions of insects travel the world all over every day and will continue to do so no matter what you do. Good luck, shitbags.

the only way to defeat trump once and for all is to refrain from criticizing the remarkably shitty things he says


right wing pundit who obviously knows what the left needs to do to win elections and who is obviously arguing in good faith to help the left defeat my own party that helped this piece of shit orange turd rise to power and is bending to his idiot will