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Summit is off.

This official White House statement is a masterpiece of passive-aggressive excuse-making.

I can't say for certain who actually penned it.
But the oozing rationalization defense mechanism appears to have Stephen Miller's  DNA all over it.
A bit off topic, but anyone else laughing that none of the Trump clan dynasty got an invitation to the Royal Wedding this weekend?
Read his tweet. He's letting God's blessings take care of it.
Trump has to get to the golf course this weekend.
The carts are a lie. Only the wind is real.

thoughts and prayers
The sound mix on that trailer was superb.

I believe the time frame of the film is omitting the final years. Freddie Mercury was an iconic band front man. Personally, I would rather see a film about the celebration of the life/music he lived; rather than frame the film around his demise with AIDS. His tragic ending is not what defined him.
Everything with the jews is a clusterfuck. It's well documented.
By the Jews themselves. "In every generation..."

It's a centrifugal clusterfuck.
Everything with the jews is a clusterfuck. It's well documented. Been that way since the late Bronze Age.
Kushner-backed health care project gets "devastating" review

The first stage of a multibillion-dollar military-VA digital health program championed by Jared Kushner has been riddled with problems so severe they could have led to patient deaths, according to a report obtained by POLITICO.

The April 30 report expands upon the findings of a March POLITICO story in which doctors and IT specialists expressed alarm about the software system, describing how clinicians at one of four pilot centers, Naval Station Bremerton, quit because they were terrified they might hurt patients, or even kill them.

read more at  05.11.2018
I understand Donald Trump better than many people because I really am a lot like him.  No, I'm not anywhere near as successful financially as him of course ... but as you guys yourselves have observed, I do have some of the same thinking patterns.  My assessement of Donald Trump remains that I think he's a good guy overall.  Yes, he's a salesman.  Yes, he's a bit too fast and loose with the truth at times.  But I think he gets it right on the really really important stuff, which is why I forgive the small stuff.

I would also like to add that Cohen's company Essential Consulting was incorporated in 2016 a month before the election, has no employees, website, or physical office space.   As a "lawyer" he had three clients: Trump, Sean Hannity and Elliott Broidy.   Now why would several companies, including one owned by a Russian Oligarch, give Cohen millions of dollars for "consulting"?    :hmm:

Dave deliberately chooses to ignore in flagrante delicto.
Music video for Twin Shadow's "Saturdays".
An homage to the iconic broadcast performances of the '60s. Shot on Kodak 16mm (7219)
Hey meep,  help me understand then since you seem to.

From the Cultural_appropriation wiki link:

the concept is often misunderstood by the general public, and that charges of "cultural appropriation" are at times misapplied to situations that don't accurately fit,
something which is usually done out of admiration of the cultures being imitated, with no intent to harm them

You are allowing for this seepage factor, whereas meepmeep is hardlining & digging her heels in.

I see nothing but a bunch of amateurs here.

Link and bow down to the queen of extreme cultural appropriation
the upcoming tweet rants are going to be epic...

FBI wiretapped the phone lines of Michael Cohen in the weeks leading up to the raids on Cohen's offices, home & hotel room in early April:  link
Trump's eventually gonna wind up with a public defender.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Israel
Perhaps Netanyahu can do another powerpoint presentation on that

Netanyahu is making the US media rounds after his infomecial on Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions.

@  CNN's Chris Cuomo asks Netanyahu: Why give Iran speech "in English and do it in such a big way?"

more of Cuomo pressing Bibi on disclosure of Israel's nuclear capability and Bibi's dodge & weave....

looks like the end is nearing for John mccain.  we knew glioblastoma probably meant he had months to live, and it's been many months since he was diagnosed, but we didn't know how it was going.  this kind of talk sounds like "this could be our last conversation".

Meghan McCain was a no-show for her daily gig on The View today (4-30-2018). The brief announcement stated she had "returned to Arizona to be with her family".
Hey Dave do you know how old Wikipedia says the earth is?