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has anyone seen reactions of the alt-right to trump's backing down on family separations and (effectively, someone was arguing) "zero tolerance" too?
el jefe, argument I'm don't think I agree with but which definitely appeals:

Why should elected officials think they are safe in their homes?

We (anyone who accepts police) already accept that there are acts that can allow us to make people not feel safe in their homes - not just that, but to actually make them unsafe in their homes. We accept that this is allowed in cases where the person made to feel unsafe has committed acts we consider it necessary to act against.

Why should evil political acts be any different? Why should Nielsen's decisions that deliberately led to (and continue to lead to) separation of families, deaths, and (ironically) making immigrants feel unsafe in their homes not be considered evil enough to make it acceptable to do this to her?
imo violence as a political tactic is worse than violence otherwise, because it has the potential to subvert the democratic process.  e.g., I'd say assassinating a president is clearly worse than murdering an ordinary person, for that reason.  or....  killing ordinary people because they plan to vote for someone you don't like is worse than killing people at random.  .........  some people may be thinking "but trump already subverted the democratic process". even if we get proof that Trump stole the election in some way, that doesn't mean we wouldn't be better off trying to salvage the system and revive the old norms.

and, again, I'm not calling what these guys did "violence".  but it is a step toward it, with borderline violent connotations.  anything that makes the thought of political violence feel closer or more normal strikes me as extraordinarily short-sighted.

the family separations were outrageously inhumane, and it was right and just that basically the whole world shamed trump into submission.  but I don't think it follows from the fact that they happened that our political system is so broken that rule of law itself has become our enemy.
you're starting to realize that I'm right.  I can tell.

I love to see people making kirstjen nielsen uncomfortable.  I expect arrests to start happening. :/
I actually don't think following cabinet secretaries home is a good precedent

I'm serious.  protesting someone at their office or when they're out to lunch is fine.  but showing up at someone's house?  something about that goes too far in a bad direction.

yeah almost like building baby prisons

fuck off with this. the bad times are already here, worrying about "precedent" now is worthless pearl clutching. every escalation is a dangerous precedent but sometimes you have to escalate.
trump's backing down on baby prisons (to the extent he did) didn't happen because people bothered whatsherface at dinner.  it happened because of the overwhelming public backlash to the images of crying toddlers.  if results can be gotten without crossing new lines, then they should be.
look at you pulling gunner ' s strings
and yeah, it occurred to me that this hands pruitt a plausible excuse for his trillion dollar security detail

I love to see people making kirstjen nielsen uncomfortable.  I expect arrests to start happening. :/
I actually don't think following cabinet secretaries home is a good precedent

I'm serious.  protesting someone at their office or when they're out to lunch is fine.  but showing up at someone's house?  something about that goes too far in a bad direction.  there's almost an implied threat of violence to it.  "we know where you live"
anyway, none of this will happen.  gop's current immigration push seems to be collapsing.  even if they hang onto control of all of congress, they'll still have the same insurmountable internal divisions over the issue in the next congress.  if trump wins re-election, he might have an opportunity to do stuff in his second honeymoon, but who the fuck knows what his positions will even be, by then.
if the private land owners are all hillbilly ranchers, I'm ok with that

how much do the federal wilderness areas overlap with the kind of super inhospitable terrain that they're probably ultimately going to leave off the wall ' s path anyway?

it will have no value.  and it will be immensely expensive by some countries' standards, but not by ours.
I'm not strongly against the wall.  it won't make the difference its supporters think it would.  and if it ended up as part of a bipartisan package that handled other aspects of immigration sensibly, imo it would be worth it.
apparently trump's impulsive tweet that the gop should give up on immigration has imploded the house gop's efforts to scrape together support for some kind of republican immigration bill.

another clear demonstration of his incompetence, which should be obvious even to his own party, and makes their loyalty to him even more baffling.

I love to see people making kirstjen nielsen uncomfortable.  I expect arrests to start happening. :/
I actually don't think following cabinet secretaries home is a good precedent
Philosophy / Re: Math question:
testy, did my explanation make it clearer or even more opaque?  be blunt
85% of the country believes a president should not pardon himself, and 75% believes congress should impeach any president who does

the poll didn't ask how many respondents would promptly change their minds about this if trump did it
agreedo shot first
Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
nice to see there are still 5 justices who believe in the 4th amendment
Politics and Current Events / Re: Krauthammer
but his last name was a lie.  the only true kraut hammer is the one belonging to thor.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Krauthammer
he was one of several conservatives who I couldn't listen to without wanting to punch, during the 90s and 2000s, but whose meltdowns over trump and the alt right have been a great source of schadenfreude that has sustained me in these dark times
I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she is a completely oblivious idiot.
yeah, when she gave some speech about human rights or w/e at the UN, she showed up in a neon pink trash bag.  there's never a wrong time to try to make a fashion statement, I guess.
Philosophy / Re: Math question:
in linear algebra (whose tentacles run through diff eqs and most applied higher math), overdetermined means you have given more information than is necessary for the problem to have a unique answer.

it often (though not always) means the problem is inconsistent, and therefore isn't solvable.

to give a concrete (and prototypical) example....  in linear algebra, if you have n unknown variables, you need n equations to solve for them.  (these equations must further be "linearly independent"....).  if you have n+1 or more equations, the problem is overdetermined.  if you have n-1 or fewer, it is underdetermined and cannot have a unique answer.  (though might be guaranteed to have an infinite number of solutions?)

to see it geometrically....  suppose you have 3 equations in 3 unknowns.  each equation defines a plane in 3-dimensional space.  solving the system of equations is equivalent to finding the point where all three planes intersect.  here are the possible ways that might get weird and/or not work:

- if you have more than 3 equations, that means more than 3 planes.  you don't need a 4th plane to define a point.  that's overdetermined.  and indeed there's a good chance the 4th plane doesn't run through the common point of the other three planes, in which case the system has no solution.  still, if the 4th plane runs through the common point of the other three, then the system is consistent - overdetermined, but consistent.

- if you have only 2 equations, that means only 2 planes, and the intersection of 2 planes cannot be a single point.  that's underdetermined.  it can be either a line (infinite number of intersection points / solutions) or nothing (no solution).

- even with 3 planes, there's no guarantee of intersecting at a single point.  they could all be parallel.  or they could define an infinite triangular prism - each plane intersecting each other at a line, but all three never meeting anywhere.  that's an inconsistent system - no solution.
yes, I said "exodus" because you're jewish
Remember when you guys were all "no teeth, it's not fair to hate rural white people for supporting Trump, the solution is to help them, not to give up on their basic underlying humanity"

good times

the problem is you're focusing on rural people

there are plenty, probably even more in terms of percentage and total numbers, racist as fuck suburban whites.

Racist suburban whites are the same culture as rural whites. They just want access to the services and opportunities that cities provide.

Kill all WASPS, really.
the difference is that WASPs know how to read and write.  and if their exodus from the gop continues, I think they should get a stay of execution.
He's running.

yeah, definitely sticking his toe in the water there

his law enforcement career is over, but he has opportunities for what to do next.  the obvious one, which he is already doing, is writing books and being a political commentator, in particular catering to the left as a martyr.  I guess running for office is also worth exploring.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
kind of a yawn.  wouldn't change much if they did it.

also doesn't accomplish much.  guessing this is a case of them coming up with the idea first, and asking questions later.  the right thinks "all those departments and agencies" have jillions of employees ripe for cutting.  I think the post office and civilian DoD make up a majority of the   federal civilian workforce.  then there's stuff like the fbi, Cia, nsa that they don't want to cut (except maybe right at the moment with their dumb conspiracy theories about the fbi).  the agencies and departments they don't like typically employ numbers of people in the low 10s of thousands, and combined only make up like 1/4 of the workforce.  and whenever the gop tries to take the budget ax to those "useless" departments anyway, their appropriators are forced to look at the details and they realize pretty quickly that most of the people and programs are there for objectively compelling reasons, and their zeal to cut was driven by a big, dumb cartoon image of what goes on in government.