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I believe that jacket is ripe to be photoshopped to say "the piss tape is real"

Among other things: what do you think is meant by "the same formation"?
Excellent question. This man may end up earning his PhD from AF Dave University.
Or high school geology from a normal high school.
SUPER GREAT, actually. I've never felt more like a True, Real American.
Hey. Stop questioning David, his brilliance is blindingly obvious. For example his brilliant idea to have blankets instead of doors saves him a good 10 minutes every time he wants to leave the house.

Ya can't argue with success like that.
I would be perfectly ok with "border security" and/or a wall in exchange for a solid daca/dreamer bill.
How does or make you feel that not only is it nonzero, it is more like 30-40%, with the same representation in your own  family and extended family?  Welcome to Amerikkka.
The quantum plenum contains all possibilities. It is uncertain which of those will manifest. That is the "innate uncertainty".
Because the human experience most analogous to quantum probability waves is the imagination of hypothetical futures, the attribution of information and mental properties to the quantum domain may be irresistible. Stapp (2009, p. 195) described the quantum domain as "idealike" rather than "matterlike." He pointed out that the basic properties of the quantum domain are represented by potentialities and probabilities, and the actual outcomes that are manifest appear to be selected in a way not controlled by any known mechanical law. The interconnectedness in the quantum domain that supports entanglement and delayed-choice apparently has a means to incorporate all the relevant factors, conditions, and possibilities in a given situation, even though the factors and conditions may be spread over space and time, and the possibilities may be potential or hypothetical events.
Given the above, the nature of the quantum plenum is beyond our capability to comprehend.
The "quantum vacuum" is just the scientific name for a "domain" that philosophers and religious people have concerned themselves with for centuries. It is a scientific confirmation of the existence of this domain.
Worth repeating. People can no longer pretend there is no scientific evidence of a domain beyond the physical.
That it is "beyond the physical" seems to be your personal opinion. From what I've seen I'd say it is entirely physical. The quantum domain is what "the physical" looks like at smaller scales of distance and time, and when looking at smaller amounts of matter and energy.

To me that you are like someone looking at building materials and calling it "beyond architecture".