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so meep, remind me again how you and your husband don't strangle each other
"Kids said mean things to my friends so I'm going to buy more guns and name them after my friends," said a dumb piece of shit that lives in a country that totally doesn't have an absolutely toxic, dysfunctional, garbage gun culture:

unfortunately my line is that only black people should have guns, and, well.........
Politics and Current Events / Re: Virginia Governor's Race
Last post by VoxRat -
Hey Dave, do you know where your GOP Governor is tonight?
lol, party of family values
It's easy to only have maintenance-free things. Just get rid of anything you have that requires maintenance!
Yup ... that's the idea.
And replace it with a new one.

So sustainable. So efficient.
Hey Dave, do you know where your GOP Governor is tonight?
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
Last post by Cephus0 -
Probably instructive to not jump up and down gibbering and flinging faeces at every weather event.  So then an unusual event in the Arctic.  Let's face it we already know that whatever the event was the alarmists would blame it on devil gas but perhaps we might actually have a look.

The arctic has gone instantaneously hot - relatively speaking - and sea ice dropped off a cliff.  So the obvious question is what caused that?  Did carbon dioxide suddenly increase rapidly to account for the hypothesis that carbon dioxide drove the event?  No it obviously did not.  So then why would anyone conclude that it did in the absence of supporting evidence?

Here's the sea ice cover graph from NOAA for the last millennium and a half..

Look at that dramatic plunge!  Arctic ice is at it's lowest for 1500 years apparently.

Except it isn't according to Stein et al and Ding et al - sorry abstract only.  Yamamoto et al seem to demur too.  Oh.  It looks like the Arctic sea ice cover is only slightly changed from the LIA.  Also it looks like the ice cover is about as high as it's been over the last 10k years.  Now Arctic ice cover waxes and wanes much like all climatic parameters do so the question is - why would anyone be alarmed?

You would have to be literally insane to propose some kind of causative relationship between carbon dioxide and the current Arctic temperature excursion.  Did someone or some model predict it?  Does it map to carbon dioxide concentrations?  Why no, it seems that the answer to both of those questions is a resounding negative..  Does it ever occur to one of you people that just maybe the climate is not well understood?
The Soap Opera / Re: Who deleted the topic?
Last post by borealis -
I thought it was hilarious

So, before you start slinging accusations:
I thought it was a TR tradition

I may have been feeling a little short-tempered when you posted.

Do not taunt elderly Canadian TR admin in goddamn February.