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  • Whatever understanding I developed then is all I have to work from and that has been steadily degrading so I can't do much more than offer pithy one-liners nowadays.

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lol what a crank

Does this mean if I take LSD before an exam that the details of bovine respiratory disease will magically come to my brain through the ether?

This "the ancients had it all figured out because all knowledge comes from a mystical cosmic source" shit is toxic, no matter what subject it infects. This is no different from the dumbass hippies who think tea tree oil can cure cancer because some ancient tribe derived it from the spirits and held this secret, powerful knowledge for centuries.

Fuck off over there with that shit and then when you get there, kindly fuck off some more.
I think you guys may be missing Dave's point, because of the completely different moral systems here.

Dave doesn't care especially much about the age. That is, if anything, an aggravating factor, but not the central element. What is immoral to Dave is the "freeloading". The idea that Clinton could have sex with no consequences.

Right, Dave?

(n.b.: I in no way endorse Dave's point of view here)
so what you're saying is you fall for fake news?
Also she was an adult, not a 'young girl'. And you may have trouble with this, Dave, but Clinton was an attractive man at the time.

It wasn't a good idea, having a fling with an employee, but your  feigned outrage s dumb and transparent.
You're welcome!

I'm sure there are a bunch of good books out there, but I can't remember any others off the top of my head. That book was our basic text for my Soviet history class, and the rest of the readings were a mix of articles, literature, primary documents, etc. We didn't actually spend a whole lot of time on the period leading up the revolution or the revolution itself.
^^^^^ This.

Your hypocrisy is nauseating, Hawkins.
I guess it shouldn't surprise me that someone who is so utterly disconnected from reality in the Life Sciences should also be utterly disconnected from reality in the social sciences.  On the one hand we have a culturally accepted practice of older men taking younger brides. In return for favors including sexual favors, the woman received at least partial title to the older man's wealth plus an elevation of status within her people group,  the right to bear children and who knows what else.
Seems that fucking around on your wife is also a culturally accepted practice in some circles, as long as its by Trump

And on the other hand we have the absolutely not culturally accepted practice of powerful men, in this case the most powerful man in the country, using his position to make advances toward a young impressionable girl trying to make her way in the world. It would be one thing if Bill Clinton had taken her as a second wife with all the privileges both financial and otherwise that come along with that.  But no. He was free loading. Receiving pleasure from this vulnerable young woman and giving nothing in return. Talk about a slime bag. And it's hard to believe that a grown adult sporting a PhD degree cannot see the vast difference between these two situations. And no, I do not condone adultery AKA wife stealing. Where did you get that idea?
We need a pearl clutching emoji...   

Also Lewinski would probably disagree with your characterization of her as a "poor impressionable young woman" as she maintains that the relationship was consentual.
Given his history of being vague about his 'spiritual' beliefs I'd go with it being his own brand of foggy Christianism. He played around with shamanism and pretended to have been 'inducted' into a tribe. The tribe, unsurprisingly, has no record of any such thing happening. Lol, right wing New Agism has become a Thing.
Can you supply the link for the photo that you are looking at? It is pretty large but it's about 2 kilometers away from the village. Part of the whole idea is to reduce their walking times to and from fields. That's one of their biggest complaints especially in the larger Villages is that they have to travel very far for good hunting and to make new fields.