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What's Going On In North Carolina?
North Carolina G.O.P. Moves to Curb Power of New Democratic Governor

North Carolina Republicans Make Brazen Bid for Permanent Power After Losing Governor's Race
The goal "will be to nullify the vote of the people for governor," said the state House minority leader.

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Re: What's Going On In North Carolina?
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The governor-elect is the current attorney general, so I predict there's going to be maximal legal pushback on these brazenly illegal stunts.
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Re: What's Going On In North Carolina?
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NC republicans are being gigantic crybabies about their guy losing.  finally this election gives me a chance to post this at republicans
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Re: What's Going On In North Carolina?
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Earlier this week Charlotte NC repealed their LGBTQ antidiscrimination municipal law as part of a deal with the state legislature for repealing HB2, the NC congress fails to repeal HB2.  I'm shocked, I say.  shocked.  Never saw that one coming.