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this is a good time for one of Joe Arpaio's golden oldies:
School protection posse
In early 2013, after the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School,[28] Sheriff Arpaio announced he would form an all volunteer posse of "well trained", gun-carrying patrols to drive around town and protect the schools. Not one school has ever requested such services, of course, and many schools and parents were outraged at the use of volunteer, virtually untrained men "protecting" the schools. In early February 2013, it was discovered that his posse included at least one convicted child molester, and several men convicted of domestic abuse. The training for the team was given by police tactician and ammunitions expert actor Steven Seagal who defended himself by saying "I've put hundreds of thousands if not millions of hours into my weapons training".[29] For the record, 100,000 hours is 11.41 years of 24-hour days.
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dammit rafh

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oh dear lord
Um, dual male 12 gauge connection/extension cord?

it's called a "suicide cable" for good reason, but this one is especially bad

I ordered three of these. One of them was wired correctly. The other two were wired incorrectly. The hot terminal on one end was wired to the neutral on the other, and the neutral was wired to the hot. This will cause a short circuit if your generator's neutral is bonded to its ground. It will also cause a short circuit if you use it to jumper one outlet to another in order to connect the 2 legs of the main panel. Use a meter to verify that the cord is wired correctly before using it.

I wish the company paid more attention to their quality control. I ordered two of these and one was unusable because the prongs were too short to keep the plug plugged in.

I plug on end into a standard 120v ac socket and the other into my pool to kill all the frogs
10/10 would buy again


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld just espoused a theory as to what America should do to curb the plague of school shootings.

Gutfeld suggested during The Five today that children should be trained in hand-to-hand combat so that they could fend off a would-be attacker.

The utterance occurred during a discussion with Juan Williams and Kimberly Guilfoyle on the Florida shooting and what may have led to the tragedy, including Williams singling out video games, before Gutfeld chimed in.

"Society is changing. You have to teach them how to respond," he said, before referring to kids as "soft targets."

"You have to be rational about it, which means hardening soft targets through drills and training," he said. "Learning combat. Learning hand-to-hand combat. This works, by the way, for terror, if there's a terror attack, and it works for school shootings."
for first graders they have to be able to recognize when the shooter has a suicide vest so they know when *not* to charge
By age five, your child should have reached the following essential developmental milestones:
  • knowing the names of basic shapes and colors
  • being comfortable after being separated from you for several hours, in a safe and comfortable environment
  • knowing how to recognize and charge an active shooter
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nah p sure tpusa is a real thing but it's hard to tell
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
I believe in ideas, and new ideas, and going where we need to go, and being where we need to be, and having the ability to build the new abilities that are necessary to be having already gone to where we ought to be at in the future.
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What I believe is that there are a number of ideas, including new ideas, that are going to be necessary to get to where we want to get. I believe that it's going to take a number of years from where we are today, so for someone who believes in single-payer, "Medicare for all," I hope that you can also be for other things that are good for people in the meantime, and that those things might even build the ability to get there.
I was a Panzer-Grenadier in the Waffen-SS, Specifically the 1st SS-Pz.Div. LSSAH. AMA.

DownFallSyndrome 27 points 3 years ago
You still have your luger! That's so awesome. I'm wanting to get one to add to my collection of World War 2 stuff. So expensive though....

I've noticed German and English have much in common. But the grammar can be hard.

Tell your grandpa thanks for answering all these questions. And thank him for his service.

(Yes I know he was technically the "enemy" but he was fighting for his people and country. A brave thing to do.)

[-]Alder333 71 points 3 years ago
Me: Grandpa's crying right now. He say's no one has ever said that to him before and to tell you, thank you.Thank you so much for thanking him for his service.

[-]reaper420 12 points 3 years ago
What did you think of the Nuremberg trials? Do you think the right people were charged , should have more been more charged... less etc

[-]Alder333 24 points 3 years ago
Grandpa: Less. No soldier should have been tried there, only the politicians. Your supposed to charge the people at the top for command failures, not the people in the near top or middle. That's not how responsibility and blame works.
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Guapo, we already know we can't stop you from posting stupid shit (lord knows we've tried), but ffs don't use "gay" as a pejorative.
I read that only two people were injured by the gunfire directly (the girl who got hit in the wrist and the boy who got hit in the head), while the others were injured either by broken glass or while trying to flee.
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a startup called "ponzicoin" whose whitepaper was just a link to an SEC warning about cryptocurrency-based ponzi schemes made hundreds of thousands of dollars before the creator pulled it and basically said "wtf is wrong with you people"

dude looks like a turnip in a suit