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I have read it, but it's been a while. I love LeGuin's books, but confess to preferring the protagonist scattered agrarian tribal society of Always Coming Home.
I confess that I always enjoyed LeGuin's short stories more than her books. Especially in regard to making a political point.
Science / Re: The future looks cool
Do they have any sat images over Greece? It's nearing the end of October and we still have summer here. It's hot as hell.

In 1999 I remember basking in the sun on October 4th, wondering how it could be so warm that time of year. It seemed unreal then but 18 years later it's more-or-less normal.

I suspect that we'll be having hot and sunny Novembers and even Decembers as time goes on. It feels weird that there is so little investment in solar power in Greece, and instead people prefer to put their money on wind- Whose efficiency in Greece largely depends on the region and location, and usually works at intervals.
Like I suggested, maybe she's bipolar.

The projection is strong with this one.
That doesn't even make any sense, Alfonso.

 I'm still waiting on someone to explain to me how traditionally raised rabbits manage to eat their cecotropes when they fall through the cage floor.
My aunt used an old door mat for a cage floor. Unless cecotropes were highly corrosive, I can see no way they could fall through it. And I'm sure other materials work the same way.
I fail to see your problem.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Meanwhile, Trump drags the death of John Kelly's son into this clusterfuck, then the WH notes that Kelly is "disgusted" from having his son's death dragged in this clusterfuck.

The US are surely living some surreal times.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I bet you guys only listen to lamestream media FAKE NEWS about Trump
Lamestream media in Greece had more to say about how Tsipras made a fool of himself.

I mean come on, someone should have prepeared a response for the "you've called Trump evil in the past" question- The media had been on to that for *days*.
I've mentioned that a few times.  I don't recall him giving an answer, although I may have missed it.

I think he has acknowledged the issue, but then simply ignored it or forgot about it.
By the way, Faid, why are you interested in sustainable housing and sustainable food production?  Or ... are you NOT interested ... but you just wanna be a prick?  Is that it?
I am interested in whatever I am interested. Farming does interest me (reminds me of my childhood), talking to brick walls does not.

As for who wants to be a prick, check our discussion. I asked a simple question and nothing else. I got pointless, irrelevant irony in response.
Hmm ... I didn't think you were that dense ... but maybe you are ... ok ...

One topic we have discussed in the past is thermal mass, remember?  And it so happens that I ran across these concrete blocks which - I suspect - probably set the Guiness record for "bang for buck" wrt money spent vs. thermal mass received.  I will probably never use them myself unless I get some elephants in my multi-species herd to move them around.  They are just interesting.

That's all.  See?
I see. So your actual response to my question:
I thought you wanted everything to be modular and easily movable.

"Yeah, that's why I'll never use them myself".

You just thought you had to be meaninglessly condescending and sarcastic for a few posts, before saying it.

Arguing with some people here reminds me  of an exchange between Lucy and Linus ...

"Spring is here"

"He is?"

"Not he is, you blockhead, IT is"

"It is what?"

"It is here."

"What is here?"

"Spring is here."

"He is?"
"It wouldn't be easily movable"

"Well, didn't you want everything to be easily movable?"

"You probably missed my post- I said it would not be easily movable"

"Yes, I know. That's why I'm wondering. Didn't you want everything to be easily movable?"

"You're obviously not paying attention. If you read my post, you'll see that I mentioned it would not be easily movable."

"I know! That's the point! Didn't you want everything to be easily movable?"

"Sheesh. You really are slow, aren't you? Let me say it again: 'It would not be easily movable'."

"Good! We agree! That is exactly why I'm asking you! Did you or did you not want everything to be easily movable?"

"Ooooh boy. Let me try this again. I SAID it would NOT BE EASILY MOVABLE. Get it now?"

"I KNOW you said that!"

"Then why are you asking?"

" :stareicide: "

...You're right, it fits perfectly.
Faid missed this part apparently... I'll translate it into Greek for his benefit ...

Η μεγάλη πρόκληση φυσικά θα ήταν η μεταφορά τους
Faid missed this part apparently... I'll translate it into Greek for his benefit ...

Η μεγάλη πρόκληση φυσικά θα ήταν η μεταφορά τους
Nope, I didn't miss it. And I can translate it even more accurately for you:

Η μεγάλη πρόκληση φυσικά θα ήταν η μεταφορά τους απο το εργοστασιο στην οικοδομη σου και η τοποθετηση στη θεση τους.

Let's provide a word-by-word translation of this word-by-word translation:

The big challenge of course would be transporting them from the plant to your building site  and setting them in place.

"Big challenge".

IOW, NOT easily movable.

I thought you wanted everything easily movable.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
By this point, I suspect every reporter knows that Trump doesn't know shit about shit, and will completely fumble whatever response he tries to give, on any subject. That's what they're looking for.
I thought you wanted everything to be modular and easily movable.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
idk.  he also pulled a 180 on the bipartisan healthcare fix.  shortly after his executive order, he opposed it.  then he told people he wanted a bipartisan deal soon.
I suppose that's part of his usual destructive-blackmail strategy: "Whoops, I keep blowing everything up and setting it on fire, such a shame, wouldn't it be great if we all came together and stopped things from being blown up and on fire? Think about it while I shoot this puppy".

But the McConnell thing is weirder IMO. Maybe Mitch convinced Trump that he doesn't want him as an enemy?

Dave would have been a fanatic flat-earther if he had lived in the 1890s. Not even kidding.
True story:
I was curious about the financial scandal involving Hawkins's church way back when and contacted a reporter who wrote about it.
He - unprompted - referred to Hawkins as "Flat-Earth Dave".
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
President Trump endorsed an intraparty revolt Monday aimed at ousting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but hours later stood beside the Kentucky Republican in the Rose Garden and said their relationship was "outstanding."

The abrupt turnaround was dizzying, even by Mr. Trump's standards.
I wonder what happened there.
Does she have 'experience in diplomatic relations' on her CV?
You're an idiot.  Of course I'm concerned with truth.  And one of the biggest truths around is ... the Earth is Flat.
LITERALLY the same argument.

Dave would have been a fanatic flat-earther if he had lived in the 1890s. Not even kidding.
Of course, Brilliant dave already knew all that. He had it all 'in his head' so to speak. Advice from other, non-Brilliant people simply helps in manifesting those dormant ideas in dave's head, essentially informing him of the things he already knew.
Which, I agree, is not as earth shaking as putting a man on the moon.

Although it's probably more useful.
It's a good thing moon landings were fake then.

Oh I'm sorry, do you draw the line at that conspiracy theory?
Air infiltration.

Tell that to the guy who started talking about moon landings.
Dave has solved the improved air infiltration problem in his head a long time ago. By improving air infiltration in his head.
I suppose they're right. Plus they'd have to check for strontium in their coffee every day for the rest of their lives, and good geiger counters are expensive.
What I'm saying is (a) there is massive evidence of a recent global flood and (b) any kind of uniformitarian analysis is therefore fucked from the get go ... even Brown's analysis is not correct although it at least attempts to take into account a massive perturbation.

So to be honest, I don't know how you make models and predictions about such a massive cataclysm.  I suppose it can be done, but it's gonna be difficult.
IOW: "I don't know how or why you're wrong, but I know I'm right and therefore you are wrong somehow".

Brillant Dave Hawkins, Amateur Scientist Extraordinaire.