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Yeah, "εισενέγκης" pretty much means 'bring into'. I don't know what the Pope was thinking.
Dammitall wants to talk about Trump on the other thread...

Let's talk about him here instead...

Jerusalem recognized

Terror ban upheld

UN Migrant Program dropped

TPP/Climate accord dropped

Roy Moore winning Senate race

CNN credibility destroyed

Russiagate debunked

Media/Democrat perverts exposed

MagaMarket exploding

Its only been one year
Dave, as someone living on planet Earth, allow me to inquire your current whereabouts.

On the other hand (and since you have an EE degree) you might want to consider that the meta-analysis accounted for a number of confounding factors, including socio-economical status and nutrition.

And yet, you essentially accuse the authors of making a significant result out of a confounder.

Think of it this way, dave. You have Arnold and his trusty sledgehammer, and you use him for a little expleriment. You have him stand against a variety of walls, with different materials and even building techniques, and give them, first a light, then a hard swing.

You find out that:

Most of the wals, regardless of material or make, survive the first swing, and

Most of the walls, regardless of material or make, crumble under the second swing.

So, what do you think is the only meaningful conclusion we can have from the results of the experiment, dave?

1. Material and make is the crucial factor for protecting from Arnold Sledgehammer swings, or

2. When it comes to tearing down walls, Arnold and his sledgehammer kick ass?
Here it is again:

Toddlers who fall asleep with mothers' milk in their mouths often get dental caries.  Toddlers who stay awake for a while afterwards mostly don't.

Why Dave?
Your answer to this question ... "Answer this question for me ... if Arnold Schwarzeneggar beat on a 4 foot thick solid concrete wall with a sledgehammer for 1 hour would the brick wall fail? How about for 8 hours?"  will help me answer your question.
Then I'll answer it myself ...

No and no.

Point being, a strong man with a sledgehammer is no match for a heavily reinforced wall whether he beats on it for 8 hours or for just 1 hour.

Similarly, bacterial acid is no match for heavily reinforced tooth enamel in infants whether exposed for 8 hours or for just 1 hour.


So why do toddlers who fall asleep at the breast get dental caries, and toddlers who stay awake for awhile afterwards don't?

Do the ones who stay awake have stronger tooth enamel?
Why would Schwarzenegger be able to break through a thinner concrete wall - say 6" instead of 4 feet - in 8 hours but not in 1 hour?

I see everything is in order here. Carry on dave.
Your post implied that my view is that not enough unpasteurized grass-fed milk will cause bad teeth. But that's not my view. And that's not prices View. I'm using Siri and I don't know why it doesn't capitalize price and it does capitalize View. Anyway prices view is that nutrition needs to be adequate in order to have good teeth and it can be many different types of foods that Supply adequate nutrition as he explained in his book.
How is it possible for you people not to see this post I made yesterday? 
How is it possible for you not to see the responses, where people told you what e. g. means?

It would be interesting to find out if Trump's debt to DB was paid off at about the time of the Rosneft deal.
Olive oil, stereotypically. We keep some for ourselves each year and sell the rest.
If I maintain a vegetable garden that supplies, say, 10% of my personal nutritional needs, and requires no inputs (other than tools and labor), do I have a "sustainable agriculture model"? :hmm:
To me it's "sustainable" if it improves or at least doesn't degrade the land on which it's produced.   That seems to be the most straightforward definition of "sustainable"  used in an agricultural context does it not?
I have about an acre of olive trees myself. They are low-input, they certainly don't degrade the soil, and in fact they are helpful in water retention and management, as well as biodiversity.

I'm sustainable, baybee! In an agricultural context, even!
Was listening to Rush at lunchtime and he's going on hard offense against Mueller talking about how obstruction is a procedural crime and that the DOJ (whose DOJ was it that appointed Mueller again?) broke the law by appointing Mueller without an underlying crime to investigate and therefore any obstruction charges that flow from the fraudulent investigation are bogus and should be voided.

Couple that with Trump's lawyers talking about how the President cannot obstruct justice and I'm pretty convinced obstruction charges against Trump are pretty close to dropping.
I think bill clinton and the ghost of nixon would both be fascinated to learn that obstruction charges don't work if you're not guilty of any underlying crime
Nixon had commited treason in the past, however, and many people knew it, so that could also have affected- oh wait
Much like scientists become frauds with an "agenda" that fudge data, the minute you realize you cannot dispute their research.
That is exactly what you always say to yourself. When your arguments fail, others immediately become dishonest lying liars who lie.
As for unwashed hands, you are betraying your ignorance of microbiology.
That's more-or-less what they told Semelweiss.
But do they eat grains?

Read the pdf you lazy know-nothing.
I did.  I don't see anything in there about grains. I suppose this means that you didn't read it either?
What does the faq say the cows eat, Dave?
Grass and silage. Nothing about grain. So one is left to wonder.
"Wonder"... What?
Have you seen ANY of those European vending machines guarantee that all of the milk comes from cows that never get fed grain?
I guess it would be pretty unwise to buy any milk from any of those machines without that explicit guarantee.

Right, Hawkins?
I personally would not buy raw milk from a vending machine.
Lol, seriously?
and here come the nixonian legal arguments
So the President cannot obstruct justice because he represents justice. Trump IS the Law.

Computers and Technology / Re: Robots and uncanny valleys
OK tell me this is not the stuff of dieselpunk nightmares.
I mean, it's a completely hypothetical question
You just don't know when to stop diggin', can you dave?
Nope. I'm ok with an old guy in that Maasai culture marrying what they consider to be a young adult bride as long as she is happy, which apparently she was.
Even though - as you can tell from the multiple accounts linked in this thread to the accounts of actual Maasai women - that the bride's consent is never even a consideration.
Agreed.  But to me, happy is a significant consideration.  Here's one reason which you may not have considered why a 15 year old bride might be happy ...
Amongst the Maasai a woman is allowed to have a boyfriend outside marriage as long as she does not get pregnant. A seventy year old man who has married a twelve-year-old girl (yes, it happens) could allow her to have male 'friends,' but if she conceives she will reap the husband's wrath.
A boyfriend!  Woo hoo!

(Plus she's got her economics covered because the old geezer is rich)

(There definitely is more than one way to skin a cat ... as the saying goes)

Welp, as long as that 12-YEAR OLD lets that old geezer fuck her, she can have a boyfriend! And she's got her "economics" covered!

The most disturbing part of this thread for me was the narrative that I have some sort of criminal mind in spite of the fact that my comment was in the same spirit as the female reporter's own comments.  At worst, I am "just a naive tourist" yet you guys paint me as some sort of criminal.  You can yell "persecution complex" all you want to, but I am truly fearful of people who lie and slander in order to paint people as criminals.  This is EXACTLY what Goebbels did to the Jews.  Same exact thing.  No I won't stop saying it.

Lol telling Dave not to cheer buying child brides is EXACTLY WHAT THE NAZIS DID.
Nope. Saying I'm ok with FGM is lying. Which is what the Nazis did about Jews.  I'm surprised. You are an even worse liar than Faid.
Name ONE lie I've said, you slanderous creep.
Child marriage promoted and practiced by American Christians:

Arguing in support of child marriage in an article titled "Thoughts on Betrothal (15 Years Later)," Chapman writes:

    Parents, I would also charge you to consider this. The way many Christian homeschooling parents raise their daughters, they mature rather quickly and develop significant capacities by a relatively young age. By their middle-teens, many daughters (but by no means all) possess the maturity and skills to run their own home. My point is to encourage you to be open to the Lord and take to heart that some of your daughters may be ready to marry sooner than your preconceived ideas have allowed for. And why not, if they are truly ready? What is the purpose of holding out for a predetermined numeric age if they are legitimately prepared and the Lord has brought His choice of a young man along for her? Don't be surprised if this is some of the fruit of your good parenting in bringing forth mature, well-equipped, Godly young daughters. However, I seldom think this will be the case for most young men--it takes them (us) a lot longer to get to where they need to be. I have also seen that, oftentimes, a difference in age--even a significant one--with the man being older, helps make for a better fit.
Almost exactly the same rationalizations dave gave us about the Maasai girl.

Why am I not surprised?
Hey! It turns out the "woo-hoo-ed" marriage would be perfectly legal in Missouri!

In Missouri, you must be at least 15 to get married with parental consent, and must be 18 or older to marry without consent. Only one parent or legal guardian needs to consent for each party under 18.

The "Show-Me" state allows minors younger than 15 to get married "under special circumstances and for good cause." For example, a 14-year-old girl who is pregnant may meet the "special circumstances" requirement, but also must want to get married for "good cause." If the father is supportive and the marriage is in the best interests of the young family, then the court likely would grant a court order for the marriage license.

... though I suspect there's probably some provision in the US - even in Missouri - that entails asking the consent of the bride.

Not really. If you read the linked article I provided earlier, there are many states in the US where there is no oversight regarding girls as young as 12 being married 'with parental consent'. A judge may have to sign off on permission, but is under no obligation to investigate the circumstances.


25 US states have no minimum age requirement.[17][18] Those that do have set it as young as 13 or 14.[244][18][17] Between 2000 and 2015 there were at least 207,468 child marriages in the United States of which over 1,000 marriage licences were for children under 15, some as young as ten years old.[245]

Well guess what, I guess our "culture" tolerates it as well!

Woo hoo, right dave?

That being said I stand by my "woo hoo" comment and I won't put up with this nonsense about me being some sort of creep for saying it.
It's not in your hand. Stomp your foot and yap all you want: You only reap what you sow.
I would hope so.  And in our society I think it would be a very bad idea for older men to marry teen brides  because of how our society is structured.
Please explain.

Not that I find your moral relativism excusable; I'm just curious about the justification you have for it.