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And? Does any of that absolve violent white nationalists of their behaviour, or absolve Trump of his idiotic equivocation of "many sides" and "fine people"?
Very few alt-right but I haven't seen a count.

I particularly like the first.

Thousands, maybe tens of thousands of counterprotesters.

Probably few of you know the big bronze bas-relief is of Robert Gould Shaw and the all-black Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial.
From the lout Dave Godfrey
"Where did flight feathers come from before Pennaraptora"?

Good question. Can anyone answer it?

For reference:
The fact that long remiges have now been documented in oviraptorosaurs, dromaeosaurids and other maniraptorans shows that feathered arms essentially the same as those present in basal birds evolved somewhere round about the base of the oviraptorosaur + paravian clade, and there is no evidence that wing-like arms were present in more basal coelurosaurs, nor in other theropods, or other dinosaurs, or other archosaurs.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Last post by Testy Calibrate -
So, who.are McMaster and Kelly as people? I'm a little bit worried that generls are running the white house now.
Let's try a thought experiment.
Let's analyze the situation if it could fly.
The good news is that it seems consistent with the evidence. That would explain the fact that it had feathered arms essentially the same as those present in basal birds. And in that case the oviraptorosaurs would be secondarily flightless.
Things seems to fit.
Anyone have any thoughts on that so far?

Is there any evidence that makes this implausible?
So it seems this option is plausible. And it does not require all those ridiculous ad hoc exaptation "explanations".
Is there any reason to not accept that option?
Anyone can answer.
So this option with flying Pennaraptora is consistent with all the evidence. It removes the need for exaptations and removes the need for the 35 million year ghost lineage.
In fact this is just an alternate way of talking about Euparaves.