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sounds like the troops aren't holding the line!
17 counts of perjury.  and that was just his first run-on sentence.
fuck, it probably will now
whenever I use "IANAL", I worry it will autocorrect to "I HEART ANAL"
IANAL, but I imagine it depends on what their challenge is.  I think it is certainly at least true  that the constitution and even federal law can supersede state law.  though that doesn't necessarily mean it does.  this challenge could be some garbage hail mary that scotus will dismiss without comment.
in another development, mueller just interviewed sessions

when sessions recused himself from the russia probe, it was because he knew this day was coming and he wanted to prepare as good a case as possible

as a more general point, it might be my imagination, but I could swear those republicans who have experience as prosecutors got noticeably more muted and less confident in their defenses of trump after he fired comey and mueller got appointed.  sessions, christie, giuliani, gowdy.  they know how these things go.  federal prosecutors are destructive machines that you don't want to get in the way of.  and special counsel appointments usually end in impeachment of the president or half the cabinet going to prison.

well, if Trump gets Wray through, then the consequences will probably be "none"
what's the case against wray?

I'm seeing that a big, bipartisan group of prosecutors endorsed him for this job, including Eric Holder.  and that he was one of the people who threatened to resign, along with comey, over bush's warrantless surveillance.
another fbi director with integrity.  this must be really frustrating to trump
as a sloppy and indirect argument none of you will like, I have a little bit of faith in schumer's judgment here.  he is neither stupid nor a pushover.  I don't buy any 3d chess rationalization where he is totally in control and knows exactly what he's doing.  but I do suspect he thought they didn't have the leverage many people imagine, and saw tactical retreat as the less bad option.

to preempt some replies I see coming....

I am not saying they shouldn't be willing to take a political hit to fight for what's right.  I'm saying they might have been taking the political hit for nothing, if there wasn't a path that actually led to results.  the "stand and fight!" plan where you make an awesome show of defiance that hurts your poll numbers and gets you jack shit on policy in return is tea party stupidity. ...  it's true that polls show strong support for daca, and a smaller majority of people saying they'd blame trump & gop for a shutdown.  but polls also showed people saying they opposed the idea of the democrats shutting down the government over daca.  moreover, there's reason to think the polls would have gotten worse for the democrats.  the historical tendencies for how voters lay blame for shutdowns are that they blame one or all of 1) the opposition party, 2) the party with an anti-government message, and 3) the party that looked more like they wanted a shutdown.  in the past, the gop has checked all 3 boxes, and have always lost the blame game soundly.  but now the democrats are #1 and possibly also #3.  they might have still won the PR battle, but their odds may not have looked as good to them as they do to us.  and if their odds are shitty, they have no leverage to get results.

also, re schumer's judgment, ffuy might be thinking of the jerusalem thing.  but this isn't about Israel or the middle east, and as long as we're away from those topics, schumer is good.
I don't even necessarily think mcconnell will break his word.  I just think ryan would never bring it to the floor over in the house.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
in before kushner's lawyer compares this regulatory action to kristallnacht and the nuremburg laws
the real crime in all this is there's a hillbilly somewhere who would have been a doctor if this immigrant hasn't stolen the job
terrible, but fine.
please memescape this
You have no idea what you are talking about.
ad hom.  invalid.  please retract!
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
and ftr guys, all this talk about ty being a fascist is a slur on his Italian heritage
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
why would you need a window decal?  anyone can see your house is an ivory tower and infer that you're a fellow coastal elite
we just got an announcement from on high, which more or less said we have authorization to use our reserves and stay open in the event of a shutdown

I know this is the news you were all waiting for
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Well there we just disagree.  I think Trump is a bad president.  I think he is bad for our country, and doing bad things. But I also do not think this is Armageddon. I think too many people have gotten carried away.

The whole government is not Donald Trump. Courts, counties, municipalities, and states still have their powers.  We're not living in a dictatorship, he is not the Emperor from Star Wars and Antifa are not the Jedi.
I more or less agree with this.  I'd add that the president does not even have as much power over the executive branch as people think.

trump does have a disturbing authoritarian streak (which I think is born of brash egotism and a poor understanding of our system of government, rather than a grand plan to make himself emperor).  however, I think that is (so far) being mitigated by his own stupidity plus accountability mechanisms built into our government. ........  e.g., when he fired the fbi director for not dropping the russia investigation, that crossed a dangerous line - the president doesn't get to find himself not guilty, not even if he knows he's not guilty.  however, he did considerable damage to his presidency the day he did that.  he will probably not get impeached.  but several of his friends are going to prison, and he has lost a lot of precious time and political capital dealing with the fallout.

my big problems with trump are that he knows nothing about the job and takes nothing seriously.  he very literally thinks like an 8-year-old, on multiple levels, and we have given him the most powerful job in the world.  ....  also, I think he is doing enormous damage to our norms and standards.  if I thought political correctness was an invisible evil empire, I guess I could see electing trump as some kind of righteous rebellion.  but to those of us who think that's a bunch of imaginary stupidity and bigotry really is a bad thing, trump's war on political correctness is really a war on decency and sanity.

In the case of the inauguration protests, the courts did what they were supposed to do, and everything is fine.  People have given this asshole way too much power over their lives.

What's "worse" for me is certain people on the left -- who are already prone to hysterics -- getting even more hysterical.  And for the record, I'm upset at car burning and window smashing for two reasons: 1) rioters generally do not give a shit whose cars they burn, whose windows the break and 2) people can get hurt and/or killed.  It's not a bit of harmless fun.  I don't care if some rich guy got his car burned.  I'm upset that degenerate -- yes, degenerate -- babies are starting potentially dangerous fires because they didn't get what they wanted.

I could easily turn your question around: why are you upset over the legal system taking its course, and not the normalizing of street violence by leftist idiots?
vandalism is bad, and it's a good thing it is illegal and people are being prosecuted for it.  but I think one would have to have a wildly exagerrated sense of antifa's size and importance, to find it worse than having someone this bigoted, dumb, and unserious in the most powerful job in the world. 

I can't even imagine finding it worse than white nationalists actually killing people.  though people concerned about antifa tend to shrug it off.  vandalism and punching Richard Spencer are worse than killing people?  really??
fun fact:  we usually stay open during government shutdowns, because we are fee-funded, and, while we do have to have our revenue go through the general fund and get appropriated back to us, we can, with authorization, use operating reserves creatively to keep the lights on for a few days or so, which has always been more than long enough to outlast any shutdowns.  in the past, the authorization has come down from the administration quickly and without hesitation.  this time, we're getting radio silence so far.  big question mark on whether the authorization is coming, as well as whether the relevant people even understand this or care enough to act on it.  the jeopardy theme is playing in Alexandria.
we should deport them to the pacific garbage patch
where they can found a libertarian utopia
iirc, you're a baby boomer and live in maryland....  right?

guessing your home value peaked in the 2000s housing bubble and hasn't gotten back to that?
you were in grade school in the 90s, so I don't believe you that you had more money then
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
They could easily divert money from other programs for training if that was an issue.
if you're talking about the military doing it themselves, I'm not so sure.  I think appropriations spell out X dollars for this program, Y dollars for that one.  maybe they could move some money around with creative lawyering, but I don't know that it would be easy.

what I do see is that gop congressmen might make disingenuous noise about needing more money in defense so ~ The Troops ~ can get better training, and maybe actually putting  a little more in training, but mostly putting new money into defense industry welfare and empire maintenance.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

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