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Preliminary news say the dems are caving. Haven't read to see if that's hype or not yet.
I still think the Dems should start their negotiations at "mass executions of republican politicians out in the deep woods of virginia."
Nah, needs to be more public....
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
We are not going to give you another starter population of Bald Eagles if y'all fuck up their environment with pesticides etc. again. ~ Canada.

No big deal.  We should've gone with the golden eagle anyway, instead of a scavenger/thief.
Scavenger thief is a much better representative for the US.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Meanwhile, while every one was distracted by the porn star (and ty being an idiot):
Five (more) things that the trump appointees have fucked up this week.
1. Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Mick Mulvaney has submitted a proposal to fund the agency he runs for the second fiscal quarter of 2018. His funding request amounts to exactly zero dollars and zero cents.
The CFPB gets its funding through the Federal Reserve specifically so that it can be protected from attacks on its budget from hostile members of Congress. But who needs a hostile Congress when you've got a man on the inside.

2. HHS grants new protections to health care providers who oppose treatment for transgender people and abortion

3. Education Department dismisses complaints for transgender students

4. Trump delays reproductive health service funding - The Trump administration is now months behind on offering organizations that provide birth control and reproductive health care to low-income people information on how to apply for Title X grants to fund their operations.

5. The Environmental Protection Agency is changing the way it evaluates new chemicals for environmental and health hazards, reducing the burden on chemical companies to make their products safer.

But ya'll watch out for antifa burning cars.
Science / 2nd flu in 3 months.
This sucks.   :stareicide:

Both times, after flying on a commercial flight. This last one, the entire plane sounded like a flu ward, and the 19 year old kind right next to me was hacking into his sleeve the entire flight. I pretty much knew I was doomed. 

So assuming I live through this it still worth getting a flu shot? I wouldn't be surprised if I was exposed to all 39473947 strains currently going around on that last flight.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Thor: Ragnarok
I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Finally watched "Bright" (Netflix original) a couple of nights ago. It was fun. The story was fairly predictable, but it keeps going and by the (almost) end, it's astonishing to realize that the whole movie basically occurs over the course of one day.

The racism was pretty blatant, both in the positive and negative sides, and there were some fun easter eggs in it. Definitely worth sitting through.
why do American nazis lack chins so appallingly
Because they're the master race? 
Only 13 drones, really. Not much of a swarm.

"Ten assault drones were approaching the Khmeimim air base, and another three - the CSS point in Tartus."

Six of the assault force drones were intercepted by Russian electronic warfare units, with three of the UAVs being brought to land outside the base, while the remaining three exploded on contact with the ground.

Another seven drones were "eliminated" by Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missiles fired by the Russians, with the bases reporting no casualties or damage, the statement explains.

Well, this might make things interesting for a while. 
fredbear, up against the wall. ;)

This is why I work on airplanes. If operators fuck it up, they die. :D
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Then those god damned dirty apes came along and mucked everything up again.
Probably on one of the porn channels, though, not youtube. ;)
Man, that's a lot of nothingburger.....
I want a platform of electoral college reform, campaign finance reform, and white genocide.
Not necessarily in that order.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Arpaio for Senate!
if trump's pardon permits him to enter the race and ends up costing the gop another senate seat then I will retroactively be ok with the pardon after all
That's a dangerous game. There's a lot of fucking wingnuts in AZ that would keep electing this guy.
it's fucking wild how this rumor based on nothing swelled into something everybody's gotta have a hot take on overnight because oprah gave what is by all accounts a pretty good speech?

Well, she is pretty well-spoken for a . . . you know.
Female?  [/ferengi]
Really, Democrats need to prepare to fight the second American Civil War and then rebuild American democracy out of the resulting ashes.
Great plan... except that most of the guns are in the hands of Republicans.
This is a common myth. I'm glad to see you don't disappoint by being dumb enough to believe it.
Gotta say, from my limited sample size, the wingnuts I know have more guns than the sane people
I'll have to see if I can find the survey, it was from about a year ago (around the election). It showed that GOP morons had more guns, but there was roughly parity between Dem and GOP gun owners.
Really, Democrats need to prepare to fight the second American Civil War and then rebuild American democracy out of the resulting ashes.
Great plan... except that most of the guns are in the hands of Republicans.
This is a common myth. I'm glad to see you don't disappoint by being dumb enough to believe it.
Dave Hawkins: Champion of the Pedophile, Protector of the Nazi and Defender of the Slave States.

Way to go!
Trifecta!! Of course, knowing shitheel hawkins, he'll go for more.
I didn't think it was any big secret that the trumpster fire didn't really want the gig.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Nice, I look forward to being personally targeted by this for having at one point been a non-citizen.
How many other countries would let in a dirty foreigner and let them enjoy their new found freedom to be scrutinized by armed thugs that want to send you back to Africa (actual country of origin is immaterial)?  Ungrateful leech!