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Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4

Still waiting for the pathology results of the removed fluids to decide about operating. They're saying probably tomorrow and she should expect to be in the hospital for another 4 to 5 days. :sadcheer:
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
good job scum! :cheer:

Thanks for the game Raven. :hug:

Sorry for not being able to play as much as I wanted due to irl issues.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Yep, makes me willing to vote nostrum. I feel like she's manipulating us.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Probably won't be around much. My in-laws were supposed to go home today but my mother-in-law went to the hospital last night with a collapsed lung due to liquid around her lung. They drained it today and sent the fluid out for testing. They x-rayed her and the fluid is coming back.

Anyway, still thinking LD is scum.

 :pisstape:  :pisstape:  :pisstape:  :pisstape:  :pisstape:
Politics and Current Events / Re: Goddamnit Al
We're now looking at 3 seats the Republicans now stand to gain (Conyers and Kihuen in the House, Franken in the Senate) and possibly more if additional accusations come out.

Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 3
I find it hard to believe that scum borealis would stay away from the hood just because she's scum. I think she'd use it to push a scummy agenda so if we end up voting between diva and borealis I'd vote to lynch diva.

But I'm happy with my vote on LD right now.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
kill her and start playing now
tbf to Gorsuch not discriminating is against his religion
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 3
Anyone else think LD is being way more involved than he was the last two game?

Because I do.

Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Hey, did you guys know when I type out SmartLibertarian that I get that little red squiggly line under it that indicates those two words don't make sense together?

I do!
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Whoops, sorry guys, thought I was on my SmartLibertarian account.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I'm sure it is with that attitude.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 2
Seems obvious why. If she were scum, and had a scummy sounding character, she would have to avoid the question, or make something up.

Scum are typically given safe claims.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 2
Lynching nostrum day one may have caught scum. Lynching Rach lynched town.

I still don't know if Rach was scum or not. How are you so sure? Did I miss an explanation somewhere?
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 2
##UNVOTE testy##
##VOTE timewave##

Didn't like sitting on a bandwagon where my only company is LD. Also TW is on his scum game now.
I have to say, the reason I think tw is town is that he came right outta the gate knowing something specific about the town role. The nature of that makes me think it is because he had the role pm rather than an example given to scum. But it could be the other way. LD is not being very straight in his posts. That is new to me and so I went back to see his prior posts and unless I missed some, he hasn't been working town which is pretty obvious when you use the strategy of barely posting.
I think raven routinely gives scum a copy of town's pm. Don't know if that's changed or not though.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 2
Hey Testy, why'd you switch off wanting to lynch me? You were pretty adamant yesterday and the early part of today about it.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 2
Oh yeah, can someone recap what the case for lynching MikeS is?

I'm not especially sure that MikeS is scum. I voted for him because he was taking a long time to answer my question. He did that now so . . . ##UNVOTE MikeS##

I'm liking a TW lynch today though.

##VOTE timewave##
Maybe the reason they get so mad about the Pizzagate thing is because they feel wronged for never being invited down to the basement.


starting to think the reason why so many conservatives believe the pizzagate conspiracy is that most of them actually are child molesters so why wouldn't other people be, too?

Yeah, but what about all your other posts I didn't steal? Why don't you ever talk about them?
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 2
##VOTE MikeS##
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 2
don't get this urge to lynch nostrum people have

Me neither. She hasn't made me nervous even a little bit this game yet.

Oh . . . but maybe THAT should make me nervous! :ohmy:

Don't worry ladies, Hoffman said how could he ever treat a woman this way since he did the movie Tootsie.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 2
I was drugged. I think.

Happy to lynch ksen or TW right now.


Why TW over me?