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So many of these issues make me feel helpless. We have corporate interests running the show, in tandem with scientists with little to hold them back. This field, like nanotech and AI, is almost entirely outside of the democratic process. When there is a public outcry, such as with GM crops, those voices are just shouted down as ignorant, by referencing corporate-funded scientific studies with ridiculously narrow value-measures (usually productivity and profit-cost).

This was bad for decades. Now that things are really hotting up (global warming, rising isolationism, robots taking even more jobs, the deep politicization of the Internet and cyber-warfare, social media filter bubbles where we all end up talking to ourselves...), it is getting pretty scary. I think we're likely to feel more pressure of time, make decisions more authoritatively without democratic involvement (or just the protest-on-the-sidelines type), and more unilaterally. While 'globalism' is a handy whipping-boy, it doesn't just disappear because you build walls, and solutions to these things must largely be global concerns. Even with the best decision-making we could devise, the future involves vast amounts of chaos, especially with all these levels of change coming together.

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