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Actual scientist know that mid latitude NH winters have been getting colder (not the arctic for the most part) , and they are in different camps.
Scientists have been divided over the cause of recent cold winters. One camp believes they are merely the result of natural jet stream variability, but the other is convinced there is a connection with global warming.

There is a third group, the solar physics group, and they think it's the sun causing it.  No real scientists ignores the data, which clearly shows the NH winters have been trending colder.  With more snow.
The mechanism by which the sun influences climate is becoming clear.  It might just be that an increasing greenhouse effect and a quiet sun are fighting it out for who is going to dominate.

If a big stratovolcano goes off then both will bow before the power of the earth itself.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Goddamnit Al
Conservatives conceptualize rape differently from how liberals do. That's the underlying issue here.
No it is not you ignorant slut
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
Oh well, you know, that's how it goes. 
I'm learning. If you can't convince somebody that is snows more when it's colder, not when it is warmer, which of course the data clearly shows, the more complex things are hopeless.
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
The twisted shit about the record cold winters in the US is that some idiots actually are, at the same time, blaming the record cold winters (with record snow) on global warming, and also claiming the record snow is from the winters being warmer.

It's become so incredibly stupid there isn't any way to counter the madness.
Computers and Technology / Re: Robots and uncanny valleys
It's awesome
Science / Re: I for one....well, you know the rest.
Hell yeah
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
Not being Bart is a good thing
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
You can follow the "bulges" around the Antatatic continent.
There shouldn't even be two bulges at that latitude.    (remember, according to the theory the bulge is supposed to be "under" the moon)  The moon never comes close to being over Antarctica, the non-existent bulges would be near the equator, which is just one of many reasons the southern ocean has no twin bulges.  If the bulge theory was correct there would be one slight rise, or no bulges, at that latitude, due to how the moons orbit is tilted.

What you are seeing is a result of the amphidromic systems, the real ocean response to the changing gravitational attraction of the moon and sun, and the earth rotating, etc etc
Except that the exceptionally narrow value measures involved in global warming involve human extinction.
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
Meh. You're just a bunch of girls! ;)
Mostly a bunch of bitches, but yeah.
It reminds me of the Atomic donkey
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
It was a joke numbnuts
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
Hi Bart!
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
I came here for the cart thread, but stayed for the ...   wait. 

Why the fuck am I still here 8 years later?
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
Just kidding.  Welcome.

Do you know about DDWFTTW?
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
No, they really are that bad.


As fast as you can.

Shit.  Just saw the other topic about this.

Oh well.  Mine is better,
How many more powerful men are going down for doing this shit?

A lot.  So many, you would not believe it.
Bye bye Al, you are fucked.

An accusation is one thing, but when there is an actual picture?  The usual tactics aren't going to allow him to escape.
Still....can we get some tanks to surround DC? (guns facing toward capitol hill, of course)
You anti-freedom piece of ignorance, the premise of the US Constitution was to not have power change hands by violence.  

It reads like a Poe, but I think you dumb ass shitheads actually want a violent overthrow of a peaceful government.   Go fuck off and kill yourself.