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An Asia center of origin and dispersal for haplogroup L3 has also been hypothesized based on the fossil record, the similar coalescence dates of L3 and its Eurasian-distributed M and N derivative clades (~71 kya), the distant location in Southeast Asia of the oldest subclades of M and N, and the comparable age of the paternal haplogroup DE. After an initial Out-of-Africa migration of early anatomically modern humans around 125 kya, fully modern human L3-carrying females are thus proposed to have back-migrated from the maternal haplogroup's place of origin in Eurasia around 70 kya along with males bearing the paternal haplogroup E, which is also thought to have originated in Eurasia. These new Eurasian lineages are then suggested to have largely replaced the old autochthonous male and female African lineages.[4]

Notice the strike through.

Worth repeating.
Does anyone else think it's a bit odd that someone would point to their own editing (striking through of a word the result of which is exactly the opposite of the original intent) of some research, which they had nothing whatsoever to do with being done, as some sort of evidence of something that research did not imply nor suggest.

Does anyone else look upon that sort of behavior as pathologically dishonest?

Does anyone else believe that sort of behavior in real world science would get one permanently ostracized with a complete and irredeemable loss of credibility?
It looks like Socrates' version of a child's "If I close my eyes, the scary sight isn't there".
Does this friend of yours, Homo flacidus, know Biggus Dickus? He's a friend of mine.
I've heard a rumour that Homo flacidus sent friend requests to Long Dong in Peking and Fat Prik in Canton.
My speculation seems far more logical to me than yours and is actually supported by known fact. Got any actual argument and reason which makes yours more likely?

Oh my sides!
I agree that Fenrir's supported idea is credible. The lack of argument and reason from Dave's side seems to indicate that not even he thinks that his own speculations can be supported.
He isn't going to fire Mueller. Mueller is part of the Kabuki theatre.
Still steadfastly ignoring the point of Trump using the presidency as a vehicle for personal enrichment, I see, This was supposed to be something that he was immune to.
I read that yesterday, at CounterPunch I think. Not surprised to find it mentioned in this thread and that there will be no comment from Dave.
I am Preaching ...

But I am also ...

Practicing what I preach ...
You have innumerable times been asked to provide proof for your claims. Your only response, when you even acknowledged the questions, has been like "TLAR". That's not even poor salesmanship but a good method to have possible customers lose any interest that they might have had, and leave.
Dave, since you have the imagination of a demented goldfish, let me give you a couple of examples. Please explain how easy it is for an average person to cope with caretaking. How would you yourself (re)act if asked to perform the care needed.

The person who needs care is a diabetic. There is a need for blood glucose testing several times per day, and numerous well timed and calculated insulin injections.

The person in question has had a tracheotomy. Would you trust a layperson to perform suctioning of the tube, dressing the site, securing the tube, adjust a dislodged tube, change the tube when needed and handle the cuff and more.

Grandfather is still strong from a long life as a blacksmith. He now has mental problems, and sometimes gets quite violent if he doesn't get the products or services that he wants, but hasn't been able to communicate. What kind of family members, if available, and how many, will be needed for his care?
But as things progress, I see no reason why my 10 acres could not be used to situate more people than just me. And no, homeless people that take up residence here would not have to pay me. They would have to work if they are able to ... that is, if they want to eat.
It's good that you put in the qualififer "if they are able to". Many homeless, for various reasons, cannot in some form or other. Some have physical disabilities; many have mental disabilities. But you are saying that there should be enough for them anyway, right? Even if they prove unable to contribute to working the land? And that they will be provided for?
I believe that many supposedly disabled people can do a lot more than we give them credit for. Also, I believe that if someone is truly disabled, their family members should take care of them.
What happens when the family doesn't?
Also, what if they have no family? Or if there is a family, but they, too, are incapable of working as medical assistants or whatever competence is needed for the care?
Notice how easily President Xi conceded?
Quote from: Sun Zi
"Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak."
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

That was some 1500 years ago. Do you really think that the Chinese leaders are less clever now?
Yep. Also, without the electric winch, there'd be a lot more human energy expended, including having to be there a lot more of the time. Bluffy is also excluding the energy involved in his other job which supplies up to half of his nutritional needs. As well as ignoring the whole lactose intolerance issue.
I was thinking this too. The winch is now a pretty integral part of the system.
Yes but that's only bc my herd is very small.  My mentor Joe Hopping has a large herd (flock) and doesn't need a movable pen.  Just electric fence.
But aren't fences ugly? Would you still use them for a bigger herd of your own?
But the problem comes for people who have "fake skills" ... what is a "fake skill"?  Well it's a skill that someone has that I don't have any need for.
Lovely definition, Dave. Let's all adapt it.

Fake skills, for me, are rearing and killing animals. A fake skill is salesmanship - I'm retired, and a useful number of old customers instead call me. I suppose the ability to build a moveable animal prison would qualify as a fake skill in the view of quite a lot of people. I'd say that successfully shitting in a bucket is a fake skill. Perhaps being able to drink large quantities of milk without getting stomach cramps and diarrhoea could qualify as a fake skill. The lists will be very different to different people - my list is obviously very different from yours.
Cute alright, but personally, I wouldn't drag a newborn along in a manmade contraption but would let it have a peaceful time with its mother.

At least in Sweden, there seems to be a solid trend towards letting human mothers and child after delivery to remain a little in the clinic to establish a relationship in a calm setting, surrounded by expertise on aftercare, nursing etc., before being pushed out to manage on their own.
... Bread is called 'the staff of life' for very good reasons.
Jesus was fairly big on it, IIRC.

I like the German saying that beer is liquid bread.
The reason why I am fixated on Industrial monoculture is because I'm surrounded by it in my area.
I thought you were concerned with the world, not just your tiny corner of a Missouri county.
Why would anyone outside my home county do what I am doing until I show some success in my own home County?
Long ago (counted in thread pages) I repeatedly asked how I could adapt your ideas in Sweden. From your non-answers, it was obvious that you couldn't imagine other circumstances than yours, and the ones you thought you imagined were misunderstood. A pity; your goals are admirable. Perhaps a good salesman could imagine other places and adapt some of the ideas to those different surroundings - successful salespeople tend to work that way.
But my point remains that in Missouri in my area if you leave a piece of ground fallow, it will quickly become a polyculture of perennial grasses, forbs, and legumes. And if you leave it long enough, it will become a forest polyculture.

Therefore if we want to be closer to Nature in our food production models in my area, then we will utilize a food production model which takes into account this fact.

And it's obvious to anyone except the willfully ignorant that monocultures of corn and soybean forced to produce by petrochemicals and heavy iron are quite far removed from this natural template.

Oh yes, we're already aware that your reference point is your backyard, and that you know next to nothing of the rest of the world.

I don't quite get what's supposed to be wrong in principle with using available resources and methods to produce more food than would grow without man's intervention. Obviously, some methods are worse than others, but "closer to Nature" isn't a useful measure. How would you even measure it? If you want to be really close to nature, get rid of your car, phone, computer, winch, saw, hammer, ...

I agree with those who already have pointed out that you probably won't find anybody here arguing for US style "monocultures of corn and soybean".
Science / Re: Newly-discovered human organ
It was known all right, but because of the preparation methods for microscopy, it was regarded as just supporting, solid tissue. The way I read articles, new methods not crushing the samples revealed the inner, fluid filled, structures.
Trump Lied So Much in His Latest Speech That It Requires Timestamps to Keep Track

100% truth should be... our...   goal?
Quote from: fredbear Yesterday at 04:42:26

    Leader of the free world, folks.
    Minute by minute at Donald Trump's rambling Ohio 'infrastructure' speech
from which I excerpted Trump's view that the US is a shithole country.
2:41 p.m. -- Trump complains of an international program in which wealthy countries help developing countries cover the cost of transitioning to cleaner energy. "As far as I'm concerned, we're developing. Pay us some money. Right? Pay us. We're developing."
2:54 p.m. -- Trump says America's infrastructure is "like, in many cases, a Third World country."

So, do you now get that nobody here is a neo-Darwinist?
All of you are neo Darwinists.  
::)   By what definition?

I suppose you don't mean the original, 1895, definition. So please tell me/us what you mean.
Leader of the free world, folks.
Minute by minute at Donald Trump's rambling Ohio 'infrastructure' speech

An interesting read. Excerpts, indicating that the Donald thinks the US is a shithole country:

2:41 p.m. -- Trump complains of an international program in which wealthy countries help developing countries cover the cost of transitioning to cleaner energy. "As far as I'm concerned, we're developing. Pay us some money. Right? Pay us. We're developing."
2:54 p.m. -- Trump says America's infrastructure is "like, in many cases, a Third World country."
Holy shit.

Galactic facepalm.

The mindfuckery is deep.

Lack of counter-argument noted.

On giving, though, you could argue the Buddhist way: If you give just to feel good yourself, you won't get any heavenly credits for it. If you transfer a sum to a charity, because of group pressure or whatever, that act in itself won't award you positive fruits of karma.

The thing is, as I see it, to have giving just for the joy to see he recipient happy (or by helping in other ways, as the case may be) become so second nature that you don't reflect on what you feel (or "pay"), but solely on that you have helped a fellow being.
Scientists discovered a moth with golden hair and a tiny penis. Guess what they
named it
One of the most interesting aspects of these types of conversations for me is the observation of who it is lecturing whom about morality. On the one hand we have you guys who insist that humans are nothing more than a bunch of atoms from the periodic table... No soul, no Spirit, nothing immaterial. It's all material according to you. And on the other hand you have me who does believe that humans have a soul and a spirit and because of this, I think humans are much more valuable than any other entity. I've never understood how anyone who thinks that humans are strictly matter, nothing more nothing less, have any rational basis for a morality program in the first place. Makes no sense to me at all.
And yet, you think that "raping" say, a field, is equivalent to raping a human being.

Dave, suppose a field is "raped" in your sense of the word. Normally, it can be restored to its previous state (or even better, as you seem to claim) in just a few years.

Now suppose a person is "raped" in the sense that everybody else uses the word. There's a real risk that the person will be emotionally, perhaps even physically, impaired for life.

That's why we react to your lack of discrimination between acts you regard as "rape".

You might be blinded by the numerous cases of women raped in your Bible, without any condemnation. For comparison, I can't remember ever having read or heard in Swedish that our word for "rape" was used for anything else than sex forced upon a person. And even here, that word covers quite a lot of offences, which sometimes makes ignorant foreign media print that there are lots of rapes in Sweden, when a significant portion of the reported cases wouldn't be labelled "rape" in other countries.

As has been pointed out to you numerous times, to communicate, using a common understanding of what words mean is essential. Don't expect everybody else to adapt your personal and unique vocabulary, but please try to use words the way a majority of people and dictionaries agree on.
Nothing worth having in life is free.
There's a shitload of things that I regard as free as having in life, now retired and having paid taxes for years and years. Clean air, clean water, healthy supervised food (no US antibiotics saturated chlorine dipped chickens etc etc), dirt cheap health care of rather unsurpassed quality, freedom from encountering people carrying firearms, the list is unending. The freedom from religious dogmas, finally, after digging into university religious studies (ironically (?) helped by an ordained baptist (?, but anyway not by a mile or even thousands, related to US Bible belt ideas) teacher, who forced us all to challenge and argue for our views).

I suppose I have to add that education is free in Sweden... But, Dave, from your posts, I suppose that you don´t think that education is "worth having"...
Dave, has the calf dropped yet? Natalie's back end sloppy?
Sea Star, I guessed it was your cow post when I detected a new post in this thread. Dave doesn't seem to be much into saving agriculture these days. A pity; some of the responses to his outlandish fantasies supplied useful suggestions to a hobby scale vegetable grower.
It's because he starts of with what he KNOWS to be The Truth, and can easily tell what is bullshit and what isn't by whether it's consistent with The Truth.

He is not, of course seeking Truth. He already has that.  He is seeking evidence that supports it. Where "evidence" can mean as little as "something containing the words I googled in some similar order".
No I'm really not seeking evidence to support what I believe anymore. At least not with respect to my idea that copying errors could have never created the biosphere.

Which, of course, is not believed by anyone.

But copying errors did contribute.

Do people still seek support for the idea that water is wet?
Does Davie-doodles still post idiotic analogies?

Continuously. Meme material. Just like "Does a bear..."