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No its Game, Set, and Match you colossal moron. It has been for some time. You still seem to be mucking about on one of the outside courts, while everyone else is at the Champions' Dinner.
What nation has ever let big chunks of its territory to just opt out...

Um, Britain?

Czechoslovakia. Also Slovenia seceded from Yugoslavia without a war. 

In most of those cases it was fairly clear that holding the territory was an untenable position, but its not as if there wasn't violence and oppression, as well as acts of rebellion, even if there wasn't a war of independence, and especially in the case of the British Empire there was a often a civil war almost immediately after the country was set free.
Well, it is better to not have slavery. It doesn't solve all the world's problems, but it solves one.
agreed, but I would argue that slavery has not been abolished.
That's because you're an idiot. You know if you didn't want people to think you were a racist nazi sympathiser you've done a really shitty job of convincing people that you're not.
Theft is a symptom of an imbalance in society, such as occurs in a big city.
Theft occurs in rural areas too you utter fuckwit.
Why am I not surprised you like that godawful talentless hack Kinkaide.

ETA: Ah, I also see you're trying to get around the fact that you don't have a permit. Even so surely there are better solutions? Temporary structures don't have to be utter crap.
That's not relevant Dave. Having a stable permanent settlement is generally a prerequisite to creating any kind of nation state, which can lead to an empire, even if its a small one- and you don't even need an Emperor to bee one- Rome was an empire long before the end of the Republic. The Mongols are a clear exception, but then they're a exception to *lots* of rules.
Permanent structures also allow communities to grow over the long term, accumulating people, generationally transmitted knowledge, infrastructure, and social currency, which is one of those neat and highly favourable assets derived from the reality of humans being social animals.
This is generally true. Its a reason nomadic groups tend not to form empires. Unless you are the Mongols.
Modern slavery exists.  All of us that work for corporations are slaves to some degree. Some more than others. My son left a slave driver company recently and got a new job. Thankfully he had a choice. Many do not. They are stuck.
Yes, it does. And its nothing like working for Sears, or indeed most other corporations.

Also i suspect that many black slaves in the south had a better life than many northern factory workers
Did the northern factory workers get beaten to death if they refused to work? Did their children get sold? Dear fucking God you're an idiot.
if the reason for the Civil War was Abraham Lincoln and all these Northerners just being  good-hearted people and loving black people so much
no one ever said that was the cause of the war.
Lincoln had a binary choice, forced on him by the secession of several states: war, or sit back and allow the nation to disintegrate.
Is it your contention he made the wrong choice? 

No one ever said that huh?  Are you sure?

Disintegrate?  That's a colored word. How about  partition? What would be so bad about having 2 nations here instead of 1? Or 3? Or maybe 4?
Given that the reason for leaving was "because we still want to own people", and it was becoming increasingly clear that democracy, such as it was then, wasn't going to let that happen for much longer given the demographics of the country, what do you think Dave?

If the South had managed to win independence what do you think life would be like for anyone who isn't white who lived there?
Why would I want to drink that much milk you fucking numpty?
I patiently await an intelligent post.

Make one, I dare you.
I make them all the time but you guys have such powerful demons sitting on your shoulders whispering in your ears that you can't comprehend them.
IKYABWAI strikes again.

Thing is Dave, rather than ignoring posts and pretending they weren't made, people actually address points you raise and comment on it. They quite clearly do comprehend them. They just disagree. Especially when you say profoundly stupid and wrong crap.

As that video points out if you want to argue that the cause of the Civil War was States' Rights then you need to answer the question "A State's Right to what?" If it's economics then what was the economy of the Southern States based on Dave? It all comes down to slavery. All of it.
Dave, are you in any danger of being sold by Sears to Exxon? Not the subdivision you work for, you, personally. Were you forceably relocated across the continent? Did Sears force you to conceive a child with another person so they could sell them? Does your line manager beat people to death on a regular basis? Did his manager rape you?

Are you an utter fucking idiot?
Dave, did you watch the video I posted? If not, why not?
Where "biased" means "don't think that treating goats in a cruel manner is acceptable", and "if you're building a house you need to decide what you need it to do before you start, rather than half way through".
Dave, you live in Missouri, he Republicans could have put up a rat on a stick and it would have won all the electoral college votes. You don't have to vote, you could have written in another candidate, or spoiled your ballot or anything else to express that you didn't like either candidate. And yet you voted *for* Trump.
One of my goals is to post reasons why I think heads are going to roll. That seems like a reasonable goal in light of the thread title, don't you think? What I posted today are items that I believe will lead to heads rolling. I could be wrong, but but I think I'm right.
How will you know if you are wrong?
if no Democrats go to jail
Trump used to be a Democrat. Which Democrats qualify? Democrats go to jail all the time for all sorts of reasons, same as Republicans. More specifity needed.
Some or all of the following ... Hillary, Obama and various and sundry pro-Hillary / Obama FBI / DOJ / NSD personnel.
Up to and including Geoff from catering for those unpaid parking fines?

And you expect us to believe that if they go to trial but get off that the jury wasn't rigged?
Or that if they're charged but it never goes to trial that the prosecutors aren't part of the Deep State?
Or if it never goes anywhere that the investigators aren't in cahoots with the Democrats?
Or any other random conspiracy theory Alex Jones pulls out of his arse?
Okay Voxrat I'm ready to dive into the individual states and their stated reasons for seceding.

In the opening paragraph I linked to a debate one of The Debaters States the following...

"Only four of the Seceded States' Ordinances of Secession even mentioned Slavery, while all of them had some reference to the encroachment upon the reserved rights of the States."
Dave, look at the post immediately above yours...
As John Green's schoolteacher said "A State's Right to what, sir?"
BTW, for someone as reading averse as you, that video is a great resource. If you are on a genuine quest for knowledge on this issue, I highly second the recommendation to watch it..
Just as a general note that whole channel is brilliant. Its geared roughly between A Level and first year undergrad revision guide/jumping off point, and has covered a whole heap of subjects now. (I'm currently loving the mythology series for example).
In fact, the same question applies to this whole thread. Who cares whether slavery was a "primary cause" of the Civil War? What, exactly, is that supposed to affect?

Just off the top of my head, I would suggest that whitewashing the primary cause of the US Civil war as 'Northern Aggression' or 'states' rights' or other, as opposed to the established and wealth-producing practice of slavery, allows Americans to ignore the real history of their nation, and likewise ignore the reverberations of that history to the present day.
As John Green's schoolteacher said "A State's Right to what, sir?"

Dave, Watch this.
fact: the idea of Harambe is tall
No, he's just very near.
Dave when you say thing in support of Nazis and equivocate about "both sides", and make excuses for people who engage in obvious dog-whistles you can be thought of as a Nazi sympathiser. By your own argument that means you are one.

Well done there. Hoisted on your own petard.
Dave, have you never seen a police show where there's a character making a false confession and the police ask what gun he used, when they already know the victim was stabbed? What happened next in those shows Dave?
Learning sustainable pig production requires some trial and error.
Other people have learned it long ago. You should listen to them.

However, since you won't, what have you learned from the dead piglet?
Like who?  Everyone around here raises pigs with grain.  Not sustainable.
Anyone who knows the kind of care pigs require in winter? You know, so it doesn't become "sluggish and weak" and then dies? And there's no reason why grain can't be sustainable if you grow it correctly. And just because people around you do something doesn't mean people elsewhere aren't feeding them on something different.