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Arts and Entertainment / Star Wars spoilers and opinions
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I saw it.

I didn't mind it, but ended up disappointed. It felt cluttered, like the movie was lacking a chance to breathe. I would have liked to have spent less time on random chases and a bit more on character development.

• I didn't like the Leia magic floating Jedi routine. It could have easily been pared back, freeing up a few minutes for other things. Also raises the question of where Leia's Jedi skills have been all this time. It was used as an opportunity for Emoboy to emote a bit, but that never went anywhere.
• The hot headed flyboy is an old cliche. However, it felt very heavy handed and made Poe Dameron come across as a bit of an idiot. I don't have a problem with useful idiots in film, but if Poe's an idiot, it makes it difficult to use him for any future stories that require a bit of tact or intelligence (like, perhaps, retrieving plans for star killer base)
• The entire sequence on the casino planet. This struck me as such a missed opportunity. At that stage we'd had the escape from the rebel base, the dreadnought battle, and the lightspeed chase, setting up the (very nice and tense) out-of-fuel chase sequence. Then we get a second chase/pratfall sequence on the casino planet, which simply bounces Finn and Rose from scenario to scenario without any chance for them to show any self determination. An alternative would be to treat that sequence as an opportunity for Finn and Rose to push themselves, and to solve the problem ( perhaps in a classic heist/subterfuge fashion). This would have provided a gap for the audience to change gears, and to give both those characters a chance to develop.

Another issue I have is that Star Wars has lots of characters, but rather than letting the characters evolve (as may be seen in the MCU), they are instead often moved around the galaxy, not by character motivation, but by the sequence on the casino planet. I have a similar gripe with Hitchcock films, where characters are pushed around by script/director, without heed of any character driven motivation.

It felt like 'Pirates of the Caribbean' style film-making, with chase, chase, chase, but that doesn't work so well when a film takes itself a more seriously and the chases and action offer limited moments of lightheartedness. Films that relish their own ridiculousness can push things a bit more in terms of deus ex machina and the magic of circumstance.
I'm open to any and all ideas.  that's one reason I post here.

 like I have said many times, the only animals I have real experience with are goats and cattle and sheep. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to chickens and rabbits and pigs.

I see, you have biblical experience with goats, cattle and sheep but are still getting up to speed with chickens and rabbits and pigs!

Dave stay out of my backyard!!!

I had egg laying chickens.


I want egg laying chickens that require no grain (tillage is bad remember? (and fight back when attacked by dogs lol)

Where have you been all this time?
So a cassowary then. Good luck with nicking its eggs...

It doesn't seem to have occurred to him to grow no-till grain.  Or simply grow plants that chickens like. Sunflowers are pretty and chickens love sunflower seeds.

ETA: but sure - Dave, why don't you get cassowaries?  They'd probably be dog proof as well!

He's stuck on his current mix of pasture grasses and clover. For chickens he needs less uniformly grassy land and more things like chickweed and wild mustard and maybe plant a chicken garden with cabbage family plants. That also leaves more open patches of ground where the chooks can see insects running around and eat them, and more delicious weeds could grow.

And doesn't Dave claim that he has restored his former agriculturally depleted land by having goats shit on a small portion of it?  Odd that he cannot explain how he brought back all those minerals that were exported off the land by having a couple of goats shiting out only what they had consumed from that very same land. 

Maybe Dave should be advocating consuming goat shit instead of goat milk!

"flyblown lamb"

So it's fullblown retard adolescent fingers-in-the-ears 'nothing bad can happen to MY "holistic" sheep, nya nya', is it?

Maybe Dave thinks it is a interspecies sexual thing and will deny it before acknowledging it. 

That is, the fingers aren't in the ears, and you don't want them in your ears after where they have been.

Did someone mention you finger-fucking 12 year olds? 

Must have missed that.  Or maybe you were caught fucking sheep somewhere?  How dare CNN report on that!!!

Politics and Current Events / Re: The Fourth Estate
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Bill Moyers says a final farewell.

To Our Readers:

When I turned 80 three years ago, I retired my weekly PBS series and have since focused on the web with a small, dedicated team as the avenue for our journalism. Your response rewarded our efforts, and we have been pleased and grateful for your interest and attention. I treasure the many messages from so many kindred spirits.

Now it's time for another farewell, and with this note I am signing off. will continue to serve as the archive of the television journalism my colleagues and I have produced over the past 44 years. I hope you find it useful. The site will go into archive mode on Wednesday, Dec. 20.

Until it moves to a new home, our Trump-Russia timeline, created by the indefatigable Steve Harper and orchestrated by our producers, will continue to publish right here at, tracking the convergence of events connecting the Trump empire and Russian oligarchs now being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Watch this space and our social media (Facebook, Twitter) for more information in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please remain vigilant and engaged as citizens in the civic and political life of your community and our country. Democracy is fragile, and no one can say with certainty that it can withstand the manifold risks to which it is now exposed.

Thank you for the company we have shared in this space -- and good luck to all.

                                                                                                                  --Bill Moyers
"virtually maintenance free sheep"

You do realize that "virtual" means not a fact in reality don't you?

Or can you demonstrate that there are actual "maintenance free sheep"?

I'm betting that you cannot.
They will require little maintenance when they're dead.  Like almost every animal Dave tries to raise.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
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holy shit

The #J20 trials are thus called because the defendants were arrested on January 20 during protests against Trump's inauguration in Washington, DC, after police kettled 240 people on 12th and L streets. An astounding 194 people now face a litany of charges related to property damage and rioting that could result in 60-year sentences being handed down to the defendants

During the #J20 protests, a small group of demonstrators smashed the windows of Starbucks and Bank of America, spray-painted cars, and overturned several newspaper boxes. Importantly, the prosecution has made no attempt to claim that the defendants were among them. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff has instead argued that the defendants were "playing a role" in the violence. That's right: The government is trying to set the precedent that if you're at a protest and someone else smashes a window, it's your fault.

Hey Dave, ever had your arm up to your shoulder inside a pregnant cow, trying to realign the calf so that it can be born naturally or pulled? I have. I doubt there's much you could teach me about raising cattle, that isn't utterly infested with your fantastical pronouncements and braggadocious optimism and empty misinformed rhetoric about ecology, and your utterly ridiculous claims about the implementation of animal husbandry.

But go ahead.

This cracks me up.
Your clueless bravado cracks me up.