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  • TR:"Is it worth joining?" "Depends.  do you want to be befriended, pan-handled, insulted by diminutive lawyers, adopted as a surrogate parent, hit upon by latino fascists, blown into the water faster than the wind, embraced by christian refugees, rejected by lesbian separatists, recruited by messianic zionists, and killed in cold blood by the first person who befriended you?  then yes ..."

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 A bunch got killed by neighbor dogs while free ranging. Then I tried keeping them in the goat pen and a few died for unknown reasons. Then I bought my daughter a dog and the neighbor dogs were no longer a problem but my dog killed several. Now I have 1  and my dog seems to be trained not to kill them anymore.
Starvation I think.

Since, you know, NO EXTERNAL INPUTS and all that.
Most of them died IIRC. The ones that are left don't lay.
How many eggs are your chickens producing?
Zero.  as I said, I don't like my system.
Huh? I thought you said you have a bunch of chickens. I missed the zero eggs part. We're they all pullets this last summer?
 this website claims 16% US RDA for vitamin D for four ounces of grass fed cows milk.  have no idea how they determine that.
I may be somewhat borderline on my vitamin D intake but I think my plans are sound because my plans include pastured eggs. It's just that I haven't come up with a system I like yet.  here's a mother Earth news report on pastured eggs.

Dave has circa 10 acres of mixed pasture and woodland. How hard can it be to keep a few chooks? I have friends who keep them in their back garden, supplying them with all the eggs they need.
not hard at all if you do things the normal way. You've known me all these years and have you not noticed yet that I'm not normal?
How many eggs are your chickens producing?
Zero.  as I said, I don't like my system.
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 :hug:  ksen and healing for your MiL