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REally useful article here:

Russian Influence Campaign: What's in the Latest Mueller Indictment

Dave, it's a lot shorter than the indictment itself, though longer than the average Conservative Treehouse blog post.  I nonetheless recommend you read it.

Here are some "nuggets" but your brilliant high speed mind will no doubt prefer to pan for your own.

Yet here is the Justice Department on the record declaring that the Russia investigation isn't, in fact, a witch hunt. It isn't a hoax. It isn't just a "phony Democrat excuse for losing the election," as the president has tweeted. There really was, the Justice Department is saying, a Russian influence operation to interfere in the U.S. political system during the 2016 presidential election, and it really was at the expense of Hillary Clinton and in favor of Donald Trump.
In contrast to its narrative richness with respect to Russian activities, the document is noticeably quiet about the activities of Americans and the Russian government itself. Indeed, the introduction frames the targeting of Trump campaign officials: "Some Defendants, posing as U.S. persons and without revealing their Russian association, communicated with unwitting individuals associated with the Trump Campaign."
The president himself tweeted:

The president would be wise to cool his heels on such claims of vindication. The fact that this indictment doesn't allege misconduct on the American side does not necessarily mean that Mueller lacks evidence to support such an allegation--or that he will not develop it in the future. This indictment deals with a limited subject matter: one aspect of the Russian operation--that involving social media influence measures--undertaken by non-governmental actors. It makes a point of not addressing the conduct of U.S. actors. That is neither inculpatory or vindicating.  It is, rather, a deferral of the matter to another day.
Trump's tweet also insisted that "The results of the election were not impacted." This, too, is a matter on which the indictment remains silent. Rosenstein did state publicly today that "there is no allegation in the indictment of any effect on the outcome of the election." But this a very different claim than the notion that it did not affect the election. The document makes no such claim.
You can always tell who the idiots are because they can't explain the thing they are pretending they know a lot about.
I've got news for you:

"Bunch. Move. Rest." doesn't really explain anything.
Same with Chinese colleagues!  They send brilliant manuscripts with brilliant maths, and sometimes my job is just to sort out the articles!
I have many Chinese colleagues too.
Same deal.
Only with "Chinese English" there are many more issues than just the articles.
The whole system of inflected verbs, for instance, is hard for them to grasp.
(For some reason they tend to use present participles for all forms of a verb.)

Don't you know what the word "unwitting" means?
Here's my theory. The Russians chose Trump as a unwitting tool because they thought he would damage America. A lot of damage would be done by just having him run. Whatever works to have Americans fighting Americans instead of Putin is good. More damage would be done if he would win, so they tried to help make this come about. With "fake news", an army of idiots, and some bots, on social media, wannabe Nazis and some paid help from within the campaign. No collusion from Trump himself required.
This is pretty much what I think too.
But the Don Jr. meeting with the stated goal of collecting Russian dirt on HRC - if nothing else - puts at least the campaign squarely in collusion territory. And, as Bannon noted, there is 0% possibility Don Jr. didn't discuss that meeting with Dad.
Same with Chinese colleagues!  They send brilliant manuscripts with brilliant maths, and sometimes my job is just to sort out the articles!
On a side note: I talk with many people from Russia and other former USSR countries at work. They often can't speak Greek and I don't speak Russian, so we discuss in English.

I've NEVER heard anyone do the pseudo-stereotypical "no articles" accent. It just doesn't occur.

Why the hell is that woman tweeting that way?
I have Russian colleagues I work with closely day to day.
They've been in this country decades, and have thoroughly mastered English.
( I sure as hell haven't mastered Russian! )
But they DO frequently leave out the articles.
In editing manuscripts we're jointly working on, I very often have to insert the correct article.
And especially ironic that he should somehow have "perceived" that anyone here (e.g. me) would consider a single Saharan ecosystem covering the entire planet a good thing.

It would certainly be disastrous for humans.  It would also involve a radical reduction of biodiversity.  It would also mean a much less robust biosphere.

And of course, it would only happen AS A RESULT of slow enough global warming that Saharan-like ecosystems were able to spread and/or evolve over the entire planet.

But Dave loves "thought experiments" that are entirely devoid of praxis.
I think it's funny that Dave "work with nature not against her" is promoting his idea that would require a wholesale destruction of almost all natural ecosystems so they can be replaced with a single "ecosystem".

Oak Savannah is the master ecosystem? :D

The left-wing conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign "colluded" with Russian officials ahead of the 2016 presidential campaign continued to crash and burn Friday, with Robert Mueller's indictment showing the foreign nationals began meddling in US politics one year before Donald Trump announced his run for office.
Of course. To get America to the place where someone like Trump can run for president takes some preparation. Years of preparation. The Soviet Union was famous for it's propaganda, Russia never stopped doing it.
From a (1970) KGB defector :
Quote from: Yuri Bezmenov
The main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of intelligence at all. Only about 15% of time, money and manpower is spent on espionage and such. The other 85% is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion or active measures,...or psychological warfare.[8][9]
Putin had him killed of course.

Putin did modernize propaganda methods for the modern media landscape.
For example Troll factories.
i wonder if putin will kill the ones mueller has indicted, so if they do travel to a country that is willing to help the us they cannot assist the fbi
So it would have been better for Pingu and Borealis and Dave Godfrey to say something like... Hey Dave be careful about running your movable pen too close to the edge of the forest because that's a place where there can be lots of poisonous plants. I had a neighbor once that blah blah blah etc etc...

But no, they chose to take the high and mighty approach (I'm so smart and Dave is such a ninny) pontificating in vague generalities and sharing no first-hand experience at all and ended up giving me ridiculous advice that no one could possibly follow.

You don't need first hand experience of animals dying because they ate poisonous plants to know that allowing animals to eat poisonous plants is a bad idea.

The reason I spoke in generalities (and I did mention specific plants and how you might deal with them- laburnum is a tree, so you don't want to be cutting tree hay from it if you have one), is because I don't know what plants you have that grow in Missouri that could harm your livestock. And generalities that no-one can follow? Really? " If you have a patch of something you know to be toxic don't drag your cage through it" is"impossible to follow"? That's basic animal husbandry Dave. to identify and name some common poisonous plants is something children can learn- as a kid I could tell the difference between a blackcurrant bush and deadly nightshade. Surely its not beyond your wit to do the same?

And of course, the absurdity is that Dave "Work WITH Nature not AGAINST Her" Hawkins has tragicomically designed a system in which the natural instincts and abilities of his animals are given minimum operating room.  At any given time they have very little choice.  His cow doesn't live in a "herd".  His goats can't choose to browse rather than graze when they feel the need for additional protein - and yet Dave refuses to give them extra grain to make up for this.  He does however sometimes bring them browse using his own legs instead of theirs.  Except that when he gets a spider bite, he can't. 

His animals can't fully exercise, or explore, or form family or friendship groups of their choosing   Greg Judy noticed how his cows taught their calves how to graze.  He also noticed how they choose to lie in the shade.

Dave has no opportunity to learn from such observations even if he was capable of observing, because he's put his animals in such an unnatural system that many of their natural behaviours are impossible.

Now of course he'll tell me that I'm Queen Pingu who thinks she's so brilliant and has never owned a cow in her life and yet has the arrogance to think she can tell the brilliant Dave how to raise animals.

But for what it's worth, thinking a stupid ignorant person is stupid and ignorant doesn't entail thinking oneself is brilliant or knowledgable.  I claim no more than people of average smarts and capacity to learn could figure out.

Dave is simply way below that average.  Or has made himself so by his rigid narcissism.