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  • uncool
TCR hidden?
Can't seem to see it; I thought it had been phased out after the transition. Is it moderator-only or something?

  • osmanthus
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Re: TCR hidden?
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Might be. I can see it. Raven has it filed in a solo "Closed" category. Ask Herself.
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  • borealis
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Re: TCR hidden?
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As Os says.

Re: TCR hidden?
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Another sekret forum??

  • borealis
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Re: TCR hidden?
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Seems so! It has 2 entries, both relating to TMI events visited on a couple people. So not a very exciting sekrit. Not sure seeing TCR would enhance your experience of TR, but perhaps with heavy redactionation it makes little difference.

  • ravenscape
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Re: TCR hidden?
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The permissions are weird.  I want the forum to be visible, but for it to be read only.  I noticed that members were posting in the thread so I changed some switches. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the permissions do what I want them to.

Re: TCR hidden?
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I for one am fine with whatever works with the least effort.
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