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  • nesb
NFL 2017
Since Ksen seems to have survived the hurricane just fine, I feel compelled to point out that the Lions have a better record so far this year, than the Patriots do.

  • MSG
Re: NFL 2017
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you're what, 2 games into the season?
braying among the ruins

  • nesb
Re: NFL 2017
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  • ksen
Re: NFL 2017
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I wish the Lions well.

I'm just glad the Patriots got their one loss out of the way early.

  • MikeS
Re: NFL 2017
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I went to the ATL-GB game, opening night for the Mercedes Benz stadium.  I was not so much impressed with the stadium, a lot of concrete slabs, walls and columns and I found actually fewer vendors than the old Georgia Dome.  They promised affordable food but beer is still $9/glass and our 2x sandwich/beer combo (no fries or other things) came to $46.  I think I found the cheap food in the second half, bottomless soda for $4, slice of pizza for $3 and bag of popcorn for $2.

The game was a repeat of the NFC playoff game in January.  Atlanta is a strong team and could repeat as NFC Champion.  Green Bay is still weak on defense and can be inconsistent on offence.

But, being a GB fan, I like to get the blowouts early in the season so the team can learn and adjust faster.

  • nesb
Re: NFL 2017
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I'm looking forward, very nervously, to Detroit's game vs. Atlanta this upcoming Sunday. They do look tough, but I think the Lions at least have a chance.

  • nesb
Re: NFL 2017
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lol Ravens

  • SkepticTank
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Re: NFL 2017
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Houston and Seattle killed me today. Oh well at least the Gators escaped yesterday.

  • meepmeep
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Re: NFL 2017
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Unfortunately, my neighborhood was super quiet except for some honking, some yelling, and a bit of fireworks. :sadcheer: