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Scott Walker has a plot to shield Foxconn from scrutiny

Walker signed a deal on Monday that approved up to $3 billion in subsidies for the flat-screen Taiwan-based manufacturing company that plans to build a factory in Racine County, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Legislative Council's memo referred to how Walker and fellow Republican lawmakers had drastically altered how courts would handle potential litigation over the soon-to-be-built Foxconn factory, in a bid to fast-track construction of it.

In particular, one recent law that Governor Walker signed seemed designed to shield the corporation, which had revenues of $134.7 billion in 2016, from any legal or environmental challenges in the state.

The Sentinel elaborated:
The law signed by Walker on Monday changes how environmental challenges and other potential legal cases over the factory would be handled, including automatically suspending any lower court orders until a higher court has weighed in.

The eight-page analysis highlights this provision among the areas of concern, saying the decision on whether to suspend rulings could be seen as a core power of the court system.


Re: Scott Walker has a plot to shield Foxconn from scrutiny
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Hey, what's a little environmental damage?  We're talking about job creators (TM) here!!