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  • Power is a drug and only Ksen is immune, but that is because he delights in being a vehicle for popular sentiment. Febble is nuts and doesnt realize her power hunger. Ty is a moron and thus simply blends into the status quo which guarantees his privilege, however petty. Supernaut is clueless and just delights in his tiara.

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Re: Trump Mafia Day 1
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Can we count that as a troll on teeth?

Re: Trump Mafia Day 1
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someone lock this thread while I count votes.

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Re: Trump Mafia Day 1
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Quote from: Jerome
As liquid urine is denser than the atmosphere, why yes. The urine stream from Putin's penis splashing on Trump's sphincter is easily described with buoyancy, no need for the magical force that no one can explain what it is.

Re: Trump Mafia Day 1
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Looks like MikeS said the wrong thing to the wrong journalist. I guess it was a matter of time, really, his appointment was really just a hat tip to the RNC. He never really "got" the Trump Administration. Plus:

MikeS was Reince Priebus. He was actually loyal but vanilla town. Sad!

Day 2 starts at 9 AM MT tomorrow, 13 October.