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  • ksen
Re: Trump Mafia Day 3
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Out of the hospital and at my friend's house. Will catch up

Caught up yet?

##VOTE bilirubin##

I'm fucking sorry man, gotta get you fucking sorted.

fml, fixt

Re: Trump Mafia Day 3
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Re: Trump Mafia Day 3
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Everyone's in agreement. Bilirubin is a distraction. He's a problem. He's an obstruction. He's really only in this to sell handbags.

And his loyalty to the administration has really been in question ever since he met Justin Trudeau that one time.

Bilirubin was Ivanka Trump, and scum.

Day 4 begins tomorrow morning by 9:00 AM MT. Night actions please.

Re: Trump Mafia Day 3
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Gotta admit bili, buddy, that you being blocked and there not being a scum kill doesn't look fucking good.

How confident are you that it was a fucking recruit?

You thinking a don and a couple of fucking scumbags with a recruit power?

Yo borealis, want to chime in on bili's theory?

You know diva's going to run with this when she comes to.

you bet i am

Re: Trump Mafia Day 3
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Okay, both Bili and Peppermint are now in my leaning scum pile.

I am not getting it either.

where are pple getting the idea that a recruitment happened last night

Re: Trump Mafia Day 3
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NYT equal scum kill
WaPo equal vig/sk/third party kill
If you are correct then it must be a SK because why would town kill Nos?

Or its random flavor posting by teeth without any information content.

assuming pepperment is right about kill flavour how the fuck do you know who who a town vig would see as town or not?
A town vig may have seen something in nossy's game they thought was scummy.
That's why I called them stupid she was pretty clearly town, and is why I more suspect a special hunting SK because of that.

The newspaper thing will get cleared up pretty quickly, if its just flavor of if it is information from the GM to town, by lynching me and how the next night's kills go down.

or there is not vig and the sk took out town

seems way more likely

also i don't have to read anymore to

##VOTE bilirubin##

he is not town,

he is also the person who taught me, "you know who worries about indies it is scum that is who"

and he opens the day focusing on the sk

yeah no

Re: Trump Mafia Day 3
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that awkward moment when you realize the thread is closed.