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Sexual Harassment in the 3rd branch of government
Judge Alex Kozinski, former chief judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Yes that 9th circuit.

As a judge, Kozinski has addressed the topic of sexual harassment in important ways. In 1991, he joined an opinion that decided such cases should be judged from the perspective of the victims, using what was then called the "reasonable woman" standard. The opinion, written by then-Judge Robert R. Beezer, noted pointedly, "Conduct that many men consider unobjectionable may offend many women."

Beezer died in 2012. Kozinski himself wrote about sexual harassment in 1992, commenting on how legal remedies could come with unforeseen consequences.

He wrote that men "must be aware of the boundaries of propriety and learn to stay well within them," while women "must be vigilant of their rights, but must also have some forgiveness for human foibles: misplaced humor, misunderstanding, or just plain stupidity."

He acknowledged, though, that the problem of harassment was a real one.

"But who knew, who understood, that it was quite so pervasive," Kozinski wrote. "Apparently most women did, while most men did not. It was the best-kept secret of modern times."

What an utter slimeball :(

That's all the 9th circuit needs - a Trump appointed appeals court judge.

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Re: Sexual Harassment in the 3rd branch of government
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Law twitter seems to find this unsurprising.