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  • Whatever understanding I developed then is all I have to work from and that has been steadily degrading so I can't do much more than offer pithy one-liners nowadays.

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Re: offical "punching nazis owns" thread
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Whatever happened to cultsmasher?

Re: offical "punching nazis owns" thread
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you either die a cult smasher or live long enough to see yourself become the cult and get smashed.

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Re: offical "punching nazis owns" thread
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braying among the ruins

Re: offical "punching nazis owns" thread
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I don't think Vonnegut is directly responsible but I do think there's a clear connection between "peace is better than war" to "dictators keep the peace" to "we should be better friends with dictators" to "we need a dictator to keep America from going to war." I think we can probably tie this closer to the failure of interventionism at the second iraq war, but I've definitely heard right-wingers and white supremacists cite Dresden specifically in defense of Hitler and in trying to equivocate the US and Nazi Germany in WWII.

bumping because i saw something that reminded me of this