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I don't know what Hoft or Alex Jones said or did ... I thought we were talking about Cernovich ...

No David. You are talking about Cernovich because you badgered from your bullshit about Hoft and Jones.

Just as you will badger from Cernovich.

I don't even know who Hoft is ... and I've never had much interest in Jones.  I AM interested in Cernovich, however.  He appears to be a good journalist.

In context of Dave's claims about CNN, I want to bring this back.

Ex-McConnell aide thanks Bannon 'for showing us how to lose the reddest state in the Union'
Apparently Cernovich and Chuck "Arby's" Johnson got caught promoting a fake document accusing Chuck Schumer of sexual harassment (the document was related to supposed settlements).
Dammitall wants to talk about Trump on the other thread...

Let's talk about him here instead...

Jerusalem recognized

Terror ban upheld

UN Migrant Program dropped

TPP/Climate accord dropped

Roy Moore winning Senate race

CNN credibility destroyed

Russiagate debunked

Media/Democrat perverts exposed

MagaMarket exploding

Its only been one year
1 apparently all but certainly down, 8 to go.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Roy Moore is a pedophile
Last post by el jefe -

guapo says moore wins this by 5

you're welcome, everyone
Politics and Current Events / Re: Roy Moore is a pedophile
Last post by uncool -
no I think this is just to finish sessions' term.  I think the seat is up again in 1 or 3 years.
Oh right. Shit.

3. So next Presidential election.
Welp, it's still not 100% reporting but all the R's counties are in and at 99% Jones sits just shy of 21,000 votes. They better hope they find it in the military vote and that the provisionals subsequently don't come into play because I find it difficult to believe a recount is going do anything for him.

edit: Officials say absenteees have already have been counted and are represented in the official numbers.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Roy Moore is a pedophile
Last post by el jefe -
jones' margin looks high enough that probably there at least won't be an automatic recount.  it's also high enough that, even with a recount, it would be hard for the gop to overcome through (further) shenanigans.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Roy Moore is a pedophile
Last post by borealis -

Roy Moore's campaign chairman, Bill Armistead to the stage before Moore saying that Alabama law requires a recount if the vote is within 0.5 percent.
"At this point, we do not have a final decision on the outcome tonight," he said. "We know God is still in control and we're going to give him the credit for how this turns out."
Moore then took the stage to say that when the vote is this close, "It's not over, and we still have got to go by the rules of this recount provision."

Just wondering exactly which god...

oh ok, dark hell timeline status may remain confirmed because the state supreme court basically gave the government the go-ahead to destroy voting records or some shit lol