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Games / Re: Image Association
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IRL too.  :sadyes:


Don't know what you mean.  Example?
I think everyone agrees on that.  and not just as generic knee-jerk cynicism, but as a serious, considered thought.
There are two login links.

One is in the navbar.  The other is at the top right corner of the page.  Which one are you using?
Top right, IIRC.

Photobucket works for me wit an ad blocker running.
Have you tried the other one?  I remember some people having trouble with the one on the top right before we moved servers.  It has a lot more script stuff going on than the one in the navbar, and could get hosed by your browser extensions more easily, I think.
It almost blew my mind to find out he's against the bill. He just thinks that normal conversational civility rules apply also when millions of lives are at stake in a greedy scheme redistribute money to the already rich...

Well, you know, if you're at a fancy pants dinner with a well known surgeon who's talking about how he shows up to the OR drunk half the time, on purpose, and how he plans to just not ligate some blood vessels here and there because what the hell it'll make things go faster and it'll be cheaper!, it'd be super rude of you to point out that a patient might actually die as a result of his deliberate actions. The proper course of action under conversational civility rules is to inquire as to whether his sutures will still be evenly placed. Object to his plan, yes, but go into the details instead of throwing out this offensive rhetoric about :airquote: killing people :airquote: .

It's revealing that this moron thinks an appeal to civility is warranted in this case. I think every person who is not a total fucking moron psychopath recognizes that when someone crosses a line, conversational civility is no longer warranted.
Fixt. I know it gets thrown around a lot, but I really do think that a lot of our politicians  are sociopaths.