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the problem with the analogy is that the Palantir AI gets loose in ways that are not necessarily good for humanity.
If the negotiated settlement means South Korea needs to negotiate on their own self-governance, then this is going to end up being serious creepy as fuck.
Gotta say there's some serious Tessier-Ashpool fucking weirdness about Thiel. Guessing he and Elon Musk are planning a space station full of cloning vats filled with little 3Elons and 4Peters.
He needs mainly to look like he might act independently of Trump, so that Republicans can say that any actions he takes were legitimate and not just based on Trump's desires.

By saying he'd consider leaving, he implies that if he doesn't, then it must have been the right thing. If he wanted to make the threat, he could have said that he strongly stands behind Rosenstein.

I think that by now, Sessions knows that this kind of subtle doesn't work on Trump. Trump isn't the audience for this subtlety. Additionally, if it were a direct threat to Trump, he could have made it alone, such that any leak would have been from Trump. These combined make me think the leak was the point. And that the subtlety was for readers, not for Trump.

My guess is it's more complicated. It's possible that Sessions is in a delicate place right now where he can stay juust outside of an indictment, but not if Rosenstein gets fired. So, if Rosenstein gets fired, Sessions will have to quit AND flip in order to personally escape indictment. So Sessions is saying "hold steady, we can do this" in order to keep Trump from tearing the whole thing apart.
EcOnOmIc AnXiEtY
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Guys, I think I have a future in fundraising for the Republican Party.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Reward for $10 donations: "Not my President" bumper sticker

Reward for $100 donations: Author-signed copy of What Happened by Hillary Clinton

Reward for $1000 donations: Invitation to Obama-hosted "Beer Summit" on bipartisanship in the age of Fox News.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
maybe they're gonna set up a kickstarter
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
that's what the US-Russia deconfliction hotlines are for, right? Tipping off the Syrians?
that and avoiding wwiii.  but you can't do one and avoid the other.

Putin's not stupid. If his operations in Syria are hit in attempts to stop use of chemical weapons against civilians, he'll bluster but he won't actually engage in a direct war with the US. Doing what we've done, instead, is giving Russia a field test of their missile defense systems while letting Syria move any strategic stockpiles of the precise weapons we're supposedly trying to get rid of. It's dumb.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
that's what the US-Russia deconfliction hotlines are for, right? Tipping off the Syrians?
Heidi Heitkamp sounds like the name of a Nazi fake girlfriend from alt-right porn lit
It's about time to start hanging republicans
trying to analyze that shit is some reddit-ass shit, too.

"I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n*ggers, sp*cs and most importantly the fuckin' k*kes." That was the "oath" members of Syracuse University engineering fraternity, Theta Tau, seemed encouraged to recite in an online video obtained by the college's student newspaper Wednesday, igniting widespread protests across campus, reports.
Well, that's some reddit-ass shit
So the fact that HR McMaster's father seems to have been murdered is......honestly a little terrifying:
Haley can't win post-Trump. She's too right-wing to hold the center-left and too non-white to draw votes fro the GOP base. Republicans need Trump and, more importantly, Trump's foreign backers because realistically the only way to win is to cheat.
Kris Kobach is now formally held in contempt of court.
Hmm. I read a lot more of than I had time to. But I don't think it's as easy to dismiss as you seem to be implying. The problem of priors plagues all economic and political analysis, but as much as I read seemed interesting not least because of his datasets. I will need to give it a closer look which I don't have time for today but I think your objection is generally a simplistic conflicting assumptions dismissal. Mass migration in an age without frontiers is a pretty new issue for humans to deal with and part of what is unequally distributed among peoples is environmental resources. For natural monopoly resources like oil or water, that has tended towards strongman government but with distributed resources like good farmland or lumber, that has tended towards community organizing. What happens when the latter type are overwhelmed by refugees from the former has historically been unhappiness all around. As much as you like to imagine people mean Jew when they say globalist, that is not the case when the person literally means globalist. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. I don't see the jew hating that you do in this particular piece and the topic is actually really important for policy because in order to provide the best humanitarian aid to refugees,  we really need to figure out how to mitigate their impact on local societies so that those societies will still have resources to help those refugees. Of course,  the right solution is to kill all billionaires and nationalize their assets. But there are operational challenges to that plan.

I think the problem is that you like the conclusions (we need to redistribute wealth) and are not really looking at how Piketty is getting to those conclusions.

A few things that really don't follow.

1. Piketty argues that racial awareness and catering to racial minorities by the Democrats creates a barrier to minority Americans developing a class consciousness and that this is why minority communities repeatedly vote for a globalist agenda on subjects like immigration that undercut efforts for effective wealth redistribution. This is obviously false and misleading: the issue is actually the opposite. Minorities traditionally have voted in favor of wealth redistribution policies; white racialists are the ones who vote actively against wealth redistribution policies, and those policies are ineffective not because of migration but because conservativism promises both retention of conservative wealth distribution AND racial power dynamics.

2. Piketty argues that the main skin that "highly educated globalists" have in the game is money for the education system, and that this is why they lobby for wealth redistribution policies. In actuality, most people who work in education/research institutions do not make a ton of money personally and instead are advocating for education spending because affordable education prepares more people for job and class mobility at a time where deskwork is increasingly becoming the new labor (especially jobs that used to be elite but no longer are, such as coding and IT).

3. In addition to implicitly arguing that increased education is "elitist" Pitketty argues that immigration is an underhanded means of undercutting attempts to redistribute wealth by the educated "globalist" elite in order to...whatever. In reality, immigration generally serves one of four purposes: family reunification, acquisition of skills with high demand and low national supply, humanitarian concerns, and temporary work in specific industries such as agriculture where lifestyle expectations of white Americans mean that there is no one who wants to do those jobs even though those industries are heavily subsidized. Here Pitketty directly accepts nativist rhetoric as economic fact, when the reality is much more nuanced and probably does not perform the way he models it.

The underlying argument that Pitketty makes, then, ends up being very right-wing: "Globalists" are mobilizing uneducated people of color to enrich themselves by funneling taxpayer dollars into the education system while swamping out white labor with immigration. If not for the globalist elite, black people wouldn't have racial awareness and could make common cause with poor whites who are really just experiencing economic anxiety because the immigrants keep taking their jobs for less pay.

I mean, come on, I know people are in love with Pitketty, but it's time to start seriously asking what it is he's actually saying.
I did. A lot of his analysis hinges on the argument that immigration issues and the will of the globalist elite make redistribution ineffective, rather than that Old Wealth is pushing racism in the public sphere in order to maintain social relevance and control. It's bullshit and he says a lot of stuff elsewhere from his eagerness to use (((globalist))) to explain the failure of class politics that also borders on racism, including blaming the poor US class consciousness on racial awareness in the US left.
all you gotta do is skim his abstract:

I also discuss the origins of this evolution (rise of globalization/migration cleavage, and/or educational expansion per se) as well as future prospects: "multiple-elite" stabilization; complete realignment of the party system along a "globalists" (high-education, high-income) vs "nativists" (low-education, low-income) cleavage; return to class-based redistributive conflict (either from an internationalist or nativist perspective)

He goes on later to complain about immigration making it difficult to effectively do redistribution of wealth and therefore is blaming immigration for economic anxiety etc.  But his insistence on using the word "Globalist" with associated scarequotes to talk about high-education parts of society should be an obvious red flag, too.
I for one appreciate Thomas Piketty's new obsession with (((Globalists)))
well. that's a crazy reveal. I wonder what twists th writers will have for us by the season finale