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  • Meh, I strolled over, read though, and found absolutely nothing of value at the "talk rational" forum. What a waste of time, space, and pixels.- utter rubbish.

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Washington (CNN)The agency in charge of US immigration services has updated its mission statement to no longer include the phrase "nation of immigrants."

Instead, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services' new mission statement emphasizes "safeguarding its integrity" and "securing the homeland."

The new statement was announced to the agency's employees Thursday, according to a USCIS official.

"The agency's new mission statement was developed and debuted within the agency by USCIS Director Cissna during his first conference with USCIS senior leadership from around the world," the official said. "It reflects the director's guiding principles for the agency. This includes a focus on fairness, lawfulness and efficiency, protecting American workers and safeguarding the homeland. These key priorities are reflected in the agency's new mission statement."

No official source for this one yet:

iT's AbOuT iLlEgAl iMmIgRaTiOn, NoT lEgAl ImMiGrAtIoN
What a strange coincidence that the old man that doesn't get Facebook also repeatedly fails to find the same thread on a message board
and former Navy SEAL

we report, you decide!
I hadn't heard of this guy before, but he appears to literally be the psycho abuser character from Big Little Lies
Figured this deserves its own thread.

The older news about him being a blackmailing accused rapist:

And now he's been charged with another felony:

Gov. Eric Greitens was charged Friday with felony computer tampering stemming from his use of a veterans charity's donor list ahead of the 2016 election.

The charge -- which is essentially electronic theft-- is the second felony charge the governor has received in two months. He goes to trial next month for invasion of privacy.

The embattled first-term governor and former Navy SEAL has denied any criminal wrongdoing and vowed to remain in office despite a chorus of Republicans calling for him to resign or face impeachment.

You can't be a Republican in 2018 and not have simultaneous sex harassment/coercion and financial/fraud scandals, all while defiantly refusing to step down and claiming it's all a witch hunt. :patriot:

I posted this in another thread because I couldn't find this one.

Sorry, Anyway, this is truly disturbing.

Jesus this is disturbing.

BTW, I thought there was a Peter Theil omnibus thread but I couldn't find it. If a mod wants to move this there, that would be good.
pretty much right...about what?
... about all those things he can't be bothered to look into himself.
Philosophy / Re: Exemplarist Moral Theory
Last post by RAFH -
The "meaning" of historic peoples is only as good as the sources used.

Those who control the past control the future.
Those who control the present control the past.
Yes, but, those that control the future control the present.
Alternative Reality Science Extravaganza / Re: Oldest Human Remains
Last post by RAFH -
There are sites along the Nile. Is there anything published that proposes that the line from Omo 1 went northward to those sites?

I have seen nothing published on this subject.
Mind you, there is this:

There is some evidence for the argument that modern humans left Africa at least 125,000 years ago using two different routes: through the Nile Valley heading to the Middle East, at least into modern Israel (Qafzeh: 120,000-100,000 years ago)
Northern route
Some of the earliest remains of AMH anywhere outside of Africa, the Skhul and Qafzeh hominins, were found in the Levant (present-day Israel) and dated to 120 and 100-90 kya, respectively (Fig. 1).56,57 It has been suggested that these fossils represent an early exit of modern humans approximately 120 kya, traveling across the Sinai Peninsula to the Levant.58 The next human remains found in the region include the Manot1 cranium, which was dated to around 55 kya,59 demonstrating a considerable gap in the fossil record of AMH occupation in the Levant. This, in conjunction with climatic records, indicating a global glacial period 90 kya,60 has led some authors to suggest that if the first humans did exit early via the Levant they did not survive, and that the Skhul and Qafzeh hominins are the remnants of this failed exodus.58 Other authors emphasize the possibility that this group could have already left the Levant before the glacial period 90 kya.61 That said, the recent presentation of archeological material, primarily stone tools and assemblages dated to 100-80 kya, from an empty corner of the Arabian Peninsula suggests early settlements may have been widely distributed and that even if Skhul and Qafzeh do represent a failed exodus, it was broader and more complex than previously thought.62

In addition to the evidence from the archeological and climatic record, genetic studies have also suggested some support for a Northern route. A study of Y chromosome haplogroup distributions together with 10 microsatellite loci and 45 binary markers in different African and Near Eastern populations found that the Levant was the most supported route for the primary migratory movements between Africa and Eurasia.63 In a more recent paper, Pagani et al sequenced the genomes of 100 Egyptians and 125 individuals from five Ethiopian ethnic groups (Amhara, Oromo, Ethiopian Somali, Wolayta, and Gumuz).64 After attempting to mask West Eurasian genetic components inherited via recent non-African admixture within the last 4 kya, they showed that modern non-African haplotypes were more similar to Egyptian haplotypes than to Ethiopian haplotypes, thus suggesting that Egypt was the more likely route in the exodus out of Africa migration, assuming the efficacy of their masking procedure. However, as noted earlier, one limitation of such studies that analyze modern DNA is that extant populations may not be good representatives of past populations due to factors such as population replacement, migrations, admixture, and drift.
We saw earlier that the Nile sites are younger (closer to today) than the sites in the Levant.
So if the line led from Omo 1 to the Nile sites and then to the Levant it was by means of a time travel machine.

It may be that people did not understand this.
The Out of Africa gives no details about the migration into the Levant. Though it does say this:
There is some evidence for the argument that modern humans left Africa at least 125,000 years ago using two different routes: through the Nile Valley heading to the Middle East, at least into modern Israel (Qafzeh: 120,000-100,000 years ago)
If they did give details they would document that the Nile sites were closer to today than the sites in the Levant. That would contradict the idea of an Out of Africa migration.

It is hard for folks to acknowledge these simple facts. You begin immediately with the "yes but" excuses. It is hard for you to admit facts that are staring you in the face.
The researchers in this field have never come to terms with the Levant fossils and sites. They just wave their hands and say something like:
There is some evidence for the argument that modern humans left Africa at least 125,000 years ago using two different routes: through the Nile Valley heading to the Middle East, at least into modern Israel (Qafzeh: 120,000-100,000 years ago)
They never deal with how humans actually made it out of Africa to the Levant. They just say that it happened. But as we have seen from the dating of the Nile sites, that does not stand up.
Well that is that. The Out of Africa theory does not stand up. You folks can continue your "yes but" excuses and insults.
Has the Out of the Middle East Theory detail how humans actually made it out of the Middle East? I am hoping for a daily diary, actually several would be more desirable so I could compare and contrast the various points of view and attitude. Or does the single proponent of OoME say that it just happened? Because as we've seen mentioned, there is little to nothing that establishes the technology found at the Egyptian/Nile sites derived directly from the ME much less establish any sort of lineage connection between the two populations.