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Bangor is the same place they were interrogating people getting on a bus.  Why the fuck is Bangor, Maine a point of interest?
I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she is a completely oblivious idiot.
I believe that jacket is ripe to be photoshopped to say "the piss tape is real"
Well at least we're not as bad as Italy (yet)

It sure is fun to get to live through the rise of 1930's fascism!

Well we can hope he gets the same treatment as the last guy that had this bright idea.
Interesting times.
On the other hand I just read that New Jersey democrats are fighting a tax hike on millionaires. 

lol if ruining her dinner is what ends this policy
that and probably a sleepless night after being hit by a barrage of bad press, and a lot of "wtf?!" emails from (at least some) friends and family

It was not up to her, I'm sure.
Well, I haven't seen it, but speculation that I read about it yesterday basically said it was something like hiring a bunch more immigration judges and moving cases along quicker.

eta and it may have evolved since then.
People are crossing between ports of entry because CBP is violating international law by telling people who do go to ports of entry that they're "full." So after waiting for days and hearing that bullshit excuse over and over, people try to enter elsewhere because you can only make a claim for asylum if both feet are on dry land.

They're deliberately creating this situation, and the result will be hundreds of orphans who will never find their parents again.

What have you seen for evidence regarding this?  I've seen a few articles where individuals claimed this happened to them, and of course denials by DHS, but that's about it. 
Cruz's bill is garbage.

The revolution will start in pdx. Even if I die in it, I am proud of my city.

I too will be proud of your city if you die in it.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Well, if the U.S. was actually concerned about human rights and used the council to its advantage in that regard, this would probably mean something different to leave it.
I do not.  I remember saying "teeth gonna teeth" many a time though.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Macron
That was the "revolution" he might lead one day.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Macron


""OK? Good. You need to do things the right way, even if you want to lead a revolution one day, you've first got to earn a diploma and learn how to put food on the table. OK?"

How's it feel to be scolded by the guy that was banging his teacher when he was your age, kiddo?
Andrew Free is a pretty good lawyer name.
Wow the entire platoon had that Nazi tattoo?
Coco is awesome.
To be fair we are technically following them, only it's them from 1930.