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  • I think Texas Lynn is winning so far. Neither of them has made an actual argument yet, but at least her posts are coherent.

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These Mueller testimonies aren't televised are they?

They should put them on Pay-Per-View. Solve the budget crisis in a heartbeat.
As I recall, Operation Condor was also a Jackie Chan movie.
The cecotropes are larger so they don't fall through the wire mesh of the hutches. The fecal pellets are smaller so they do fall through.
Make America Great Again, eh?

With some exceptions.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I've believed for a long time that if Obama issued a statement endorsing oxygen, a bunch of conservatives would strangle themselves just out of spite.
I saw one with a screenshot of the punch with the caption: "It wasn't a punch. It was an Alt High-Five!"
If you get a chance, watch a movie called "The Man From Earth". Its a low-budget film about a very old man explaining to his friends about who he really is. I found it very interesting, especially when they ask him about historical people he had known (specifically in biblical times).

Its even got a couple Star Trek actors (Tony Todd and John Billingsley) so it can't be bad, right?
"I suspect it also has something to do with a ploy to outmaneuver the government."


 I have established good relationships with my county officials and I intend to continue this.

I'm sure the guy I'm referring to had a good relationship with the local inspectors too. That doesn't mean you aren't trying to get away with something.
I suspect it also has something to do with a ploy to outmaneuver the government.

I few years ago there was this guy who had a "clever" way to get around paying property taxes on a retirement home. Dig a big, round hole with a big pipe sticking up in the center. Use the pipe to support a platform on which you build your house, fill the hole with water so the platform floats and register it as a houseboat. Dave reminds me a lot of this guy, so there may be a similar motivation.
I don't know about nationally but my boss and another guy said a couple years ago that they believed he was at least controlled by Satan.

Of course, two days after the Orlando shooting that other guy was taking a couple weeks off and joked about "promising to not shoot up any gay nightclubs" while he was gone.

Some of these conservative Christians, you just want to grab them by the throat and ask them how they can be so stupid.
Yes. Yes it is. It undergoes a terrible change as the sheep transition to adulthood though. Mutton is only fit for murderers and thieves.

And trolls, although they complain about it too.
How many people does Dave imagine have jobs for which they can go to only once per week? I suspect the number is a bit smaller than he apparently thinks it is.
Keep going ... Northern Mali ... crocodiles ...

Throughout the desert, archaeologists and palaeontologists have documented skeletons of crocodiles in areas as unlikely as Algeria, Libya and northern Mali, proving that crocodiles roamed in a greener Sahara thousands of years ago.

From his link: "The situation was very different ten thousand years ago."
One thing I will grant you is that we cannot  conclude from this source that the ENTIRE Sahara desert was caused by Roman deforestation. Maybe only a small coastal portion. I don't know.

The Sahara Desert doesn't extend to the coast.
What desert do YOU think is in North Africa? The Gobi?

Why do you think there is nothing in North Africa other than the Sahara?