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  • "it's a goddamn massage board" for Christ sakes.

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Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
The game is old, but the remastered version of Homeworld is out on GOG (and I think Steam as well). It's the same game with a slightly updated interface, but the new graphics are worth playing through again! It's fantastic. 
Maybe BP has a liberal snowflake in charge of their media liaison? ;)

Also, that looks like someone I know.
Meanwhile, there's a woke blogger in Saudi saying the exact same thing about their flag.....
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
This is somewhat misleading though. There are so many loopholes, and things that don't 'count' as income if you're in government as to be a useless point to make, really.
Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
The plaintiffs knew he would refuse and forced the issue, as is their right.
If true, that's a super dickish thing to do.
Yeah. Fuck Rosa Parks. Getting on that bus knowing they were going to make her sit in the back. 
General Discussion / Re: yikes!
People who kill snakes deserve to be bitten by them.
That's a hilarious take. trump has taken the 1st commandment of the libertarians and turned it on them in spades: "I got mine, fuck you."  Not that any of them are aware enough to realize it, but there it is.
Compare and contrast:
a video recording enabled them to identify the 31-year-old Wiggins as the suspect. Federal, state and local authorities searched for Wiggins over two days, checking into hundreds of tips.

Rewards totaling $46,000 had been offered for information leading to his arrest.

The family of a 30-year-old man who was shot dead by a US sheriff's deputy have been awarded $4 in damages following a wrongful death lawsuit.
Couldn't you put the shreds into a bucket of water (or something stronger if you have time to buy it) instead of a dry paper bin to make reconstruction much harder?
That would require being smarter than your typical houseplant.

Apologies to houseplants for comparing them to Cohen. :)

i actually follow all my members of congress on twitter
I think I see the problem.  :D
I think it's about time to send ICE to the Hague.
How do we get the UN to intervene?
lol if this were to ever happen to me, because I do speak Spanish in public, I would be glad to switch to Russian.

"oh, i'm so sorry, didn't realize you work for the boss..."
That would fucking own!  But most Murkin yokels are probably too dumb to recognize russian.
actually every version of capitalism is incompatible with democracy
I disagree. I think well regulated capitalism is perfectly compatible. By well regulated, I mean that capitalism should simply be a minor driver in the economy but with lots of social protections built in. Pure socialism won't work any more than pure capitalism. I think the most practical (and fair) solution is somewhere in the middle.
dafuq??  They simply wouldn't let in certain reporters based on who they worked for? 

They should just all start wearing badges with the Fox logo and see what happens....
a couple of dickectomies might solve a few problems tbh
From the neck down....
ICE says someone is affiliated with a gang, in order to deport him under DACA. A judge essentially says they lied.
that's fucked up. Need to put out their eyes with icepicks.
Icepicks might miss. I recommend a stick of dynamite....
ROFL.  Blue wives matter.  :D
How is it Facebook censored that?
Because ...