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Games / two true statements, one false statement
Here is a fun game I think we can play! Make three statements. Two of them are true and one of them is false. Guess which statement is false, and post your own statements and we can guess which statement about you is false!

I will start. Guess which statement is a lie! Good luck!

Statement 1: I am a vegetarian.
Statement 2: I am a girl IRL.
Statement 3: I am Bartholomew Roberts.

Basically, the reporter asks Jessica Walter about Jeffrey Tambor and she tears up. The dudes are like, "It's his process lol," and Alia Shawkat is all, "Uh that was inexcusable."
I don't know if this is the right subforum, but here goes ...

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Arts and Entertainment / I'M PICKLE RIIIIICK!
🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒
But at least he's not James Bannon