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On Wednesday, Ecuador's government posted a statement on Twitter saying it cut Assange's internet access for sending out messages meddling with other countries' affairs. The message, posted in Spanish, said Assange had broken a "written commitment" not to do that.

"Assage's behavior, with his messages through social networks, puts in danger the good relationships that [Ecuador] maintains with the United Kingdom, with the other countries in the European Union and other nations," read the statement.
Politics and Current Events / Dick pics at Fox News
Fox News suspends host Eric Bolling amid allegations of lewd text messages
The suspension follows a HuffPost story that cites more than a dozen anonymous sources who claim Bolling sent an "unsolicited photo of male genitalia" to at least two of his colleagues at Fox Business and one colleague at Fox News.
Philosophy / Exemplarist Moral Theory
Don't know if this is just new to me or new to the field of moral philosophy, but maybe others enjoy it too:
Kripke and Putnam's argument concerns our definitions of certain substances, say, "water," "gold," and "tiger." The basic idea of direct reference is that "water" does not have a descriptive meaning that we could find in a dictionary and carry around in our heads. Instead, it should be defined as "stuff like that," "tiger" is defined as "creatures like that," and so on, where in each case the word "that" is used to point to real objects.

This is where the theory of exemplars comes back in. Using the same model, the argument is that moral exemplars are persons like that. We point directly to exemplars of goodness like Confucius, Socrates, Jesus, or whoever else. We pick them out through admiration, not by applying a descriptive concept in our heads. We then find out what makes them admirable by observation, just as we find out what makes water the substance that it is by observation.
Arts and Entertainment / RIP Adam West
Batman died. :sadcheer:
Politics and Current Events / Qatar
Saudi Arabia breaks diplomatic ties with Qatar. UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya and Maldives follow suit.

So far the media reports of the underlying reasons look pretty sketchy.
"There are two competing theories," Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations says about the origin of the spat.

"One is that Saudi Arabia felt emboldened after Donald Trump's visit, and Trump's administration has had a strong stance on Iran, which is backed by Qatar.

"Another theory is that this is a product of month's tension, all brought to a breaking point after the Qatar news agency hacking story."
Politics and Current Events / North Korea
* NK barred all Malaysians from leaving the country
* NK fired four missiles, claimed to be practice for hitting US bases in Japan
* US deploys anti-missile system (maybe planned since before)
* Russia and China objects to anti-missile system
* China National People's Congress happens now

Can't tell how much of this is the usual North Korean testing of US/Chinese/South Korean leaders and how much is a new kind of mess.
Politics and Current Events / KKK leader found dead
Frank Ancona, the outspoken imperial wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, was found shot to death Saturday near Belgrade, Mo.

The body of the 51-year-old Leadwood, Mo., resident was discovered near the Big River by a family fishing in the area, according to Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen in southeast Missouri.

Washington County coroner Brian DeClue told The Kansas City Star that Ancona died of a gunshot wound to the head.

"It was not self inflicted," he said. "This is now a homicide investigation."