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I really don't know what the problem is, but ever since TR moved to the new server, I can't connect from my browser at work. It isn't blacklisted, I just get an error that says "Network Error (tcp_error).

Anyone know if there is something I can do to fix this?  If I'm reduced posting from my phone, it's just not gonna happen :(   I don't have an actual computer at home, and I'm almost never online on the weekends - that's family time. But I miss this place.
Technical Issues and Questions / Random Questions
So... the "Stay logged in for xxx time" option there.  I selected 60 minutes, naively assuming it would log me off automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity.  But I've been pretty actively posting today, and it just logged me out. 

 :raise:   Is this how folks are supposed to control their addiction?  Self-limited posting?