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Ok say I live in DC, and I love the Washington Wizards and hate the Knicks (and all the dirty Jews that live in NYC).

Say that Russia decides to move it's embassy from DC to NYC. Why do I care? I'm not a Russian citizen, why do I give a fuck where some powerful foreign country puts it's embassies and consulates?

Probably just the GSD. The Pit Bull doesn't have the problem solving skills.
So they have a rocket that can reach the US west coast and midwest.

Now their submarines seem to have extended capabilities.

Where does it go from here?
Politics and Current Events / Scaramucci >> Spicer
This guy is awesome.
I answered the door before realizing who was there this morning.  A very nicely dressed black couple who very politely eased into the above question.

I answered that I didn't care to discuss religion with them, and they were polite enough to not press it too much.  He did ask "Is it because we're Jehovah's Witnesses?"  I hadn't even realized that, but gave them more or less the same answer. I guess in my racism I think all black religious people are either Baptists or evangelicals.
Science / Detecting diseases from your breath?

We report on an artificially intelligent nanoarray based on molecularly modified gold nanoparticles and a random network of single-walled carbon nanotubes for noninvasive diagnosis and classification of a number of diseases from exhaled breath. The performance of this artificially intelligent nanoarray was clinically assessed on breath samples collected from 1404 subjects having one of 17 different disease conditions included in the study or having no evidence of any disease (healthy controls). Blind experiments showed that 86% accuracy could be achieved with the artificially intelligent nanoarray, allowing both detection and discrimination between the different disease conditions examined....
Arts and Entertainment / In The End...
Linkin Park lead singer Chester Somethingmumble commits suicide.
Slow day in politics:

Christie closed the beach to the public (state government shutdown which is the democrat's fault somehow), but uses the same beach since it's adjacent to the governor's resort.

He denied "getting any sun" since he was wearing a baseball cap.

eta:  Some (most???) beaches were open, but State beaches were closed due to the shutdown.
Technical Issues and Questions / Two issues
Quick Edit suddenly quit working.  I can go More... Modify and that works so not a huge deal.  When I click on Quick Edit, I get a "Loading" bar on the top of the screen for a few seconds, then it goes away and I'm still viewing the post in question without being able to edit it.  This is the same on my own posts or other peoples.

For some reason the Trumpocalypse thread isn't showing up under New Posts or New Replies.  But if I got to the politics subforum, I can see the New button next to that thread. Do I somehow have that thread on some kind of ignore?

I'm using Chrome, Windows 10.  I haven't tried this on other PCs, devices, or browsers.
So my new IRL BFF is a mechanic; he's proud to be blue-collar, hard-working, hard-drinking, and not a church goer.  Also homophobic and maybe a little racist.  He also loves Trump for reasons that he articulates about as well as Dave Hawkins.  We get to talking politics and I point out that while all politicians lie, Republicans are hypocrites in that they claim to be pro-family values but end up getting caught cheating and closeted gays all the time.  So he says something like "remember that politician that was caught in the bathroom doing the foot tapping thing?" And I say yeah, that was a republican.  He says no, it was a democrat.  So of course we google it.

Larry Craig--who at the time was a Republican United States Senator from Idaho

"Well, he's from Idaho."

Uh, ok?

Subject changes.

It's fascinating trying to understand his mindset.
Adolf Hitler "didn't even sink to using chemical weapons" during World War II.
Arts and Entertainment / Better Call Saul
Season 3 starts tonight.  AMC is marathoning the previous 2 seasons if you want to re-watch the last few episodes.  Gus Fring is going to appear this season and possible tonight.
Just rumors for now, but CNN is reporting it too.

eta:  CNN is now reporting that the WH is denying the rumors.
13 Reasons Why is pretty damn good.  It's The Breakfast Club on steroids, up to date, and 13 hours of it. 

The asteroid that Analemma Tower is connected to would be placed in a geosynchronous orbit that would describe a figure of eight over the Earth. The tower would be moving at its slowest speed at the top and the bottom of the figure eight orbit, allowing its inhabitants to interact with Earthlings at these points.

The slowest part of the entire trajectory would happen over New York and the whole trip would take 24 hours. The loop would also include passes over the south east coast of the US, Cuba, Ecuador and Peru.
Science / pool pee
Researchers monitored two public pools for three weeks for ACE. One pool contained 110,000 gallons of water, while the other held 220,000 gallons.

Based on the ACE measurements, researchers estimate that over the 3-week period, swimmers released 7.92 gallons of pee into the smaller pool, and nearly 20 gallons into the larger one.

.009%  :stopper:
Here are two charts (that don't entirely agree) that rate news on a left-right and a quality scale.  I typically watch CNN at home, should I choose something else? Chart 1 puts it fairly far to the left (further left than NPR, seriously???), and chart two says it's borderline clickbait.  I listen to NPR in the car, but for whatever reason I prefer TV news when I'm home.

Also, for fun infowars posted their own version which I won't clutter up this thread with, but it's available in this story about the 2nd chart above.