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after talking with cohen, tom arnold says the 'pee tape is real'
we thought he hit bottom a few times now, and yet hes still digging

hopefully he finds magma soon
and blame shifting
or any anything to ditract from his other problems
hes sentenced to go back to lawyer school
no, thats trumps policy, he thinks it will deter immigration, and literally hold children hostage for his boarder wall
and does it include a toilet in the bed?
kinda like the recliner in idiocracy, but in bed form
its like hes never seen any crime drama episode
IIRC, "head rolling" means "going to jail".

So there's Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort.

BEFORE his trial.

What is this? The Soviet Union?
yes and no

quick rundown of what happend in court

maniforts lawyers asked for a do not contact list and that he return to house arrest

judge assumed that the list would be huge and he would contact potential others not on the list yet

prosecutors gave examples of how he was contacting poeple he knew would be witnesses

judge decided he would wait in prison for his trial to prevent any method to contact other potential witnesses

manifort was escorted out, bailiff returned to his wife with maniforts wallet, tie and belt
dont you need to be guilty to receive a pardon?
if trump pardons manifort, he has to plead guilty and give up his right to the 5th ammendment

which pretty much screws trump
better to specify slightly about what kind of business it is
there are a few that are not completely illegal
This is what it looks like when we run government like a Trump business.
and half of canada is france

does that mean the us is england?
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: Raccoon thread
I read somewhere that there's an estimated 20 raccoons per sq. mile in that city.
thats about right for in the cities

they do not make good pets, they are worse than human teenagers
and a good portion of them have rabies
woud they fly tward a card with more dots grouped closer together instead of the one with fewer dots
to tell if they are flying tward larger white spaces

or maybe 1 giant dot and a few smaller dots
to tell if they are looking for larger white/black ratios

bees can see uv/ir light frequencies so did they test with colors beyond humans visual spectrum?
First I was all "Yeah off with his nips!" and then the mental image of someone sucking Trumps nipples in submission happened that is totally your fault and has probably traumatized me for life.
potential wife #4/fotus #53??
or recipient of $140k?
one needs to understand the crap he spewes before it can be translated
wrong, its
Here is a fun game I think we can play!
Trump is kicking ass on trade ....
i dont think kicking our own ass counts
General Discussion / Re: yikes!
ya, iv chopped heads of many gardner snakes, the body squirms and head keeps chomping for a while, before hawks or larger animals get to it

if you have the shovel in hand, why not use that to move the head instaed of picking it up by hand?
unless he didnt chop it off at the head, but neck/body/tail?
isnt bart a girl vegan?
so you cant be bart if one is a lie
Technical Issues and Questions / Re: Malware?
if it gives error now, its the image or url for them

Technical Issues and Questions / Re: Malware?
its probably looking at the .cc site extension
hit the ignore button, or manage and add to exclude list

or uninstall norton
Deadpool 2. :D

It was fun. :D
it was everything i thought it would be, and a baby penis