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I have no way to understand how you could hate a little crying kid that much.

it's all a video game
While there are scads of horror stories related to this nonsense, the pic of the kid in the cage there (SLAM DUNK) is from a demonstration according to Snopes
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: Raccoon thread
that's a young one

glad it survived
Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
How many more pages will you let Quiz drag this out?

i feel kinda bad now because i am pretty sure i laughed at that review tbh
You eat what Soul Money can buy
Politics and Current Events / Re: Canada Trumps Up
They dicked around too much by never merging servers and ftp is super gimp mode
both are working better now though
Game still good. The Eternal Empire story is wrapping up, and a new expansion is set to drop...sometime? Nothing has been announced so far.
the libby thing is a real head-scratcher.  why him?  why now?  especially since his sentence was already commuted.

maybe it's to "show" how supposedly corrupt the fbi and doj are?
Not sure if this was answered in any of the following two pages because who has time for reading but its because the president is a child and Libby was convicted by Comey. Its really as simple as that.
please memescape this and also remove all other memescapes in fact just make this the forums background tia

Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
Um I think you mean brain spiders?
So a goon did a thing. Two things. Made some hats. Mailed one to Chris Hayes...
Saw this on her twitter

"Are you the American whore who can't keep her legs or her mouth shut?"

"Why yes I am!  Nice to meet you."
Forgot ass attempted twitter shamer.
"Pisstape extremely fucking real and so transcendent I've already seen it in the 4th dimension"