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Re: obamacare repeal effort thread
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Kushner-backed health care project gets "devastating" review

The first stage of a multibillion-dollar military-VA digital health program championed by Jared Kushner has been riddled with problems so severe they could have led to patient deaths, according to a report obtained by POLITICO.

The April 30 report expands upon the findings of a March POLITICO story in which doctors and IT specialists expressed alarm about the software system, describing how clinicians at one of four pilot centers, Naval Station Bremerton, quit because they were terrified they might hurt patients, or even kill them.

read more at  05.11.2018
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Re: obamacare repeal effort thread
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Virginia finally joining the medicaid expansion

on the ground, the law continues to move forward

Re: obamacare repeal effort thread
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with a fucking atrocious work requirement and other limitations

i'm not saying "this is bad actually" nor do i wish there'd been no expansion instead but it's too easy to forget that these aren't the kinds of victories people actually deserve

Re: obamacare repeal effort thread
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I posted this in the TRump thread yesterday but here's some more:

Texas is asking the courts to enjoin the entire law because now that the individual mandate is repealed, Roberts' construction of the law as a tax in NFIB doesn't hold since there are no revenues.

The Trump DOJ filed a briefing agreeing with it, refusing to defend the ACA and arguing that parts of it are unconstitutional and inseverable. They had to dig deep into political hack appointees because career DOJ lawyers refused to sign on to the shoddy argument. Texas pulled a far right judge for the first hearing.

It's going to be cool if they manage to do this through the courts. My friend's kid has a 1-in-a-million genetic disease that's very expensive to cover. They'll be bankrupted if pre-existing conditions are allowed in along with lifetime caps, and their kid will die years earlier because of it. America is an awful country.

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Re: obamacare repeal effort thread
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so they'd argue that congress doesn't have the power to levy taxes of 0% ....?

eta: it may seem silly to maintain the position that the mandate is a tax when the revenue raised by the penalty has been reduced to $0, but that would only mirror the silliness of the current state of the statute, which says there is a fine, but that it is $0.
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Re: obamacare repeal effort thread
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If they reinstate pre-existing conditions, I'll die earlier and end up having to pay less of my student loans back. Silver lining!

Re: obamacare repeal effort thread
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Rick also wants to return to a time he can make himself massively wealthy via medicare/medicaid fraud