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Re: Mafia mafia day 3
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ok then, see if my day 1 feelz were correct

##vote rach ##
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As liquid urine is denser than the atmosphere, why yes. The urine stream from Putin's penis splashing on Trump's sphincter is easily described with buoyancy, no need for the magical force that no one can explain what it is.

Re: Mafia mafia day 3
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Re: Mafia mafia day 3
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You've decided you're sick of rachmarie's shit. She just doesn't seem trustworthy. But with a bullet in her head, you realize she's Paulo di Lauro, head of the di Lauro family, and head of the Camorra import business. Her illegal trade in weapons, drugs, prostitution, and just about anything else has been the fuel that keeps Camorra going. Rachmarie was the town inventor.

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