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  • She did look at it and confirmed that I basically fucked everything to the point of no return.

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Re: 2018 body count thread
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This is a sad day in our house.  we like his books, we like his tv, we like his recipes. I like the way he shared his techniques.  I didn't just follow his recipes.  I transferred the learnings to every dish I cooked. It's not what he was known for, but he imparted some extremely solid home-cooking advice.

And that's a small corner of what he means to us.  He was a good and decent to the bone human being.

I'm going to make a big pot of Portuguese black bean soup today.
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Re: 2018 body count thread
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For most people, life often has a way of derailing/detouring their own particular dreams & pursuit of happiness.

Two deaths in the 21st century had a personal effect on me.
Perhaps because I felt they were living the perfect life... profoundly talented, doing exactly what they loved & being well compensated for it, while still being genuine & approachable. 

One was Steve Irwin, who tragically died being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The second was Robin Williams, who was a casualty of his own physical/mentally health issues.

I now have to add Anthony Bourdain as the third name on my list.
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Re: 2018 body count thread
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Are we there yet?

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Re: 2018 body count thread
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i feel kinda bad now because i am pretty sure i laughed at that review tbh
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Re: 2018 body count thread
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I just remembered the episode in Turkey where he's talking with people during the descent into despotism, 2015 maybe? It was definitely before the uprising. The people were deeply concerned, had a bleak view of their current situation, but were hopeful for the future.


Re: 2018 body count thread
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Yeah there's no foreshadowing there.
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