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Um, hello?
Hi all,
Plaid here.  I should let you know that I am not the PlaidTheImpaler on Twitter, or instagram, or GitHub, or anywhere else on line.  None of them are me, I'm not any of them. Just in case somebody googled or knows one of them or whatever.  As transparent as I get ;-)

Aside from that, well, it's just me and I don't matter -- it's about the ideas, the reasons, the arguments, the learning and sharing.  Who cares who I am, care about what I say, not who's saying it.


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Re: Um, hello?
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Welcome back -- whoever you were.

Re: Um, hello?
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Thanks ;-)
It's been a good few years at least.
I'm glad to see many comforting presences from back in the day.

Re: Um, hello?
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Hello. I am called Valor. Pleased to meet you.

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Re: Um, hello?
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Hello, it's me
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