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Fundraiser for a Friend

Hi guys. 

I'm running a fundraiser for a friend from Tennessee. He's actually 22 (I got that wrong but it's not that important - he'll be 23 soon enough); anyway it has been almost 6 weeks since I started this fundraising event. I have been posting it to facebook (my personal page [currently deactivated as of yesterday] and many support groups [to mixed reception - as many accused me of "solicitation" in what are supposed to be suicide prevention collectives *big eyeroll*]) and twitter regularly for all that time; tagging his account to each post; so all of the money so far was mostly raised from our respective friends with a couple random and generous donations. Anyway, the story of his situation is in the description. Long story short the kid has;
* suicidal thoughts (due to physical pain)
* a big heart
* a penchant for art, music, animals, and plant life
* As of 6 weeks ago 18 infected teeth, 6 are abscessed. With 575$ of our fundraiser so far going towards his first treatment; he had 3 abscessed teeth removed about 2 weeks ago. He has since ran out of painkillers and antibiotics and is once again in pain.
* a very sick, single mother living in poverty
* no job of his own; as his oral pain is extreme without medication & he acts as his mother's caretaker
* no healthcare
* residence in a particularly shitty part of TN (I have contacted various United Way branches in that region, with two responding to me. One person spoke to me for quite awhile but it turned out his town Loretto is not in their jurisdiction. They then sent me a grammatically garbled message that seemed to suggest they would get back to me with contact info for relevant organizations but never did.)
* no ability to see a normal dentist as he is in too bad of condition for it to be legal & must see an oral surgeon

Any amount of money; even as much as 5$ is big help to him. All of the money raised is intended for medical treatment. As things currently seem; I think ultimately about 2,500$ might do the trick & we are 44% of the way there. I can't say that with 100% certainty, however; it might turn out to be more expensive. Please read the description of the fundraiser and consider a donation.

Also, I should add, that even just sharing this link to other platforms that you frequent is a huge help!  <3
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